Military Jet Mistakenly  Bombs  IDP Camp  



Scores of people
are feared dead: this happened when a military jet mistakenly releases a bomb
right inside the popular Rann internally displaces people camp in Borno State.

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 Military Jet Mistakenly  Bombs  IDP Camp   TRAVEL NEWS UPDATE: BOKO HARAM NEWS;
Rann IDP
camp is located in Kala-balge Local Government Area and the camp shelters over
three thousands of persons displaced by dreaded sect called Boko Haram.
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We have it
from a reliable source that not less than two hundred people have been
mistakenly injured and needs medical attention as quick as possible.
The numbers of
people who are feared dead are not quite certain from the incident but those
with severe injuries including officials of the Doctors without Borders.
Brigadier general Rabe Abubakar the Military
spokes person confirmed the incident but explained that it was a mistake that
the military sadly regrets.
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The Spokes
person while trying to explain himself said soldiers were alerted of movement
of Boko Haram members and deployed ground troops and air cover to tackle the
 Saying the mistake came from the air support
who mistakenly dropped the bomb, so he claimed.
We also got
information that Brono state government has ordered all hospitals in Maiduguri
to be prepared to receive and promptly treat the injured ones.
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Already an International Red Cross helicopter
has been deployed to evacuate the injured to designated hospitals.
general Lucky Irabor who is the theatre Commander of Nigerian forces in Borno,
also confirmed the attack while fielding questions from the media at a press
morning today, we gathered some information about the gathering of Boko Haram
terrorists somewhere in Kala Balge Local Government area of Borno State.
We got a
coordinate and I instructed that the air should go to resolve the problem.
the strike was conducted but it turned out that the locals somewhere in Rann
were mistakenly affected.
“Right now
the details of the causalities are not yet certain. But we have some civilians
that have been mistakenly killed, others are injured and we also have two of
our soldiers that were also wounded.
Among the
affected soldiers are local staff of the Medicine Sans Frontiers as well as
ICRC,” he said.
More details
coming soon………….