MMM New Rules

MMM New Rules|MMM Returns|MMM Pays|MMM Registration

Hurray to MMM participants I know by now every Participants
are already counting down to the 14th day of January as the all
believe that MMM will be back on that day huuuu well let me also join my faith
with yours and wait for that day but before the please there are things i want
you to do in other to be among the first batch to be merge off course you
should know by now that every participants cannot be merged at the same time,
Just Imagine it that if every participant ask for help who will now provide the
help hahaha it will be complicated don’t you think so?

MMM New Rules|MMM Returns|MMM Pays|MMM Registration 1
 MMM Office wants you To Do the Following:
  • Confirm your Email address (go to your page read through and
    make sure your email is highlighted green which is confirmed , once it’s still unconfirmed
    then confirm it by clicking on it, a confirmation code will be sent to your
    mail use it to confirm your mail).
  • Confirm your phone numbers.
  • Confirm your time zone.
  • Confirm your country.
  • Confirm that your guider is a Nigerian if not go to support
    create a ticket and ask for change of guider immediately.
This is for MMM members who have not written there letter of
Happiness after receiving help from MMM 
Please read below and make sure you comply before 14 January to avoid
any reason not to be among the first batch to be merge come 14 January.
According to the new
System rules, within three days after receiving assistance, you must write a
“letter of happiness” which will be posted in the section
“Testimonials” (share your happiness with others as well! :
The letter is free-form, but it should contain the following
listed below:
  1. Your name or whatever you want to be addressed as.
  2. Status that is what position are you in MMM just a
    participant or now a guider if yes you are a guider then are you on 1k+.2k+
    3k+10k+ etc
  3.  Indicate your country4. The amount and date of the given
  4.  Indicate the amount received from MMM.
This is a reminder that you will be given only 3 attempts to
write the letter, if you fail to conform you will be blocked. For life so,
please, don’t ignore moderator’s requirements (if he makes them) and do not
send him endlessly the same text, for example “Together we change the
But also if you can attach a video showing how happy you are
getting help then that will also be wonderful because that’s what MMM crew even
want and you can even be awarded with a bonus for your video and effort.
Although it is not required to attach a video, remember you
can get a bonus for the video in your testimonial:
10% of Get Help total:  you
will get for a fabulous quality video. It should be professional-looking:
quality recording and editing. Record an fascinating story in which you are the
main character. Tell us how you will spend the money, what impact MMM philosophy
had on your life, how the Community changes your life, and invite other people
to participate in MMM. The plot must be interesting and creative. The minimum
resolution is 640×480. The minimum video duration is 1 min 30 sec.
5% of inward bound help for the video where you show your
face and your voice is heard evidently. Put in the picture about your emotions
from the participation in MMM and encourage other people to join the Community!
1% of GH amount for the video where you don’t show your
face. You need to reveal your Personal Office and a photo of your bank accounts
statement or an electronic statement from internet banking as an evidence of receiving
Now the ball is on your court to get bonus do …… the needful
However, if you want to get bonus mark the box” I WANT THE
BONUS FOR VIDEO”, the video have to be of high class content.
It means:
To meet all the requirements you should introduce yourself
and tell about your status in the system, where you live, mention the amount
and date of the PH, the amount of help received.
Click “Add File” and select the file on your computer you
want to upload.
In the case of attaching a picture let’s say a picture were
you are putting on an MMM t-shirt  to
either make payment or holding your cash and rejoicing then that’s also very
welcome.Please also note that the format MMM prefers are: jpg, gif, png
It is not required to attach the video to the letter, but,
on the other hand, you can get a bonus for the video:
5% of the Get Help amount if you (your face) are in this video,
and 3% — if you don’t show you face.
So…the ball is on your court rolling play it the way you
Nevertheless, if you want to get additional benefit (leave
the check box “I WANT THE BONUS FOR VIDEO!!!” checked the video should
be of high quality content.
It means:
  1.  To meet all the requirements to the letter you should be
    able to establish your identity and tell about your position, where you live,
    the amount and date of the Providing Help, the amount of the Get Help.
  2. The title of the video has to be “MMM PAYS”.
Insert a link to your video on YouTube.
Please note this message is for only those who are members of
MMM and those who are yet to write their letter of happiness.

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