MMM Resumes14 January|MMM is Back|MMM Resumes With New Rules

MMM set to unfreeze participants account come 14 of January 2017

This is coming after so many participant provided help in December2016 following the increase of Mavro Percentage for every participant who provided help between 7 December to January.

MMM Resumes14 January|MMM is Back|MMM Resumes With New Rules 1
MMM Resumes14 January

MMM Has Broken Families

Following the announcement of the new increase for all participant who can provides help in December;  A student and a mother of Four from Ekiti state who provided help with the kids school fees is now handicap as she has no were to run, also A man from Sokoto state has butchered his wife after he found out that the money he kept to marry his second wife has been diverted by his wife to pay MMM, A mother  from Benue state who happens to be the bread winner of her family has sent her Husband to his early grave after she found out that the husband withdrew  a huge amount of money in December with her ATM without her knowledge.MMM has taken a lot of live, broken families caused havoc, disfigured peoples program, imprisoned lots of people accused to have stolen and even made lots of people to think that the Church is involve in the Ponzi scheme. 

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MMM and How It Operates

MMM is like a forum where people provide help to people who are in need of money, It’s a two way thing you either provide help or you request for help. 

The scheme comes in stages the first stage is to provide help when you must have filled the necessary filled required and provided your account details also note that the account you use in providing help is the same account you use in requesting for help once you make changes to the account before requesting for help  you will be placed on Moratorium (suspension depending on the weight of the offense) after providing help you wait to be merged within 14days even though now we noticed that once you provide help you get merged earlier before 14days , Once you are merged you will be expected to pay the money within a stipulated time to the merged participant in which if you fail to do so within your stipulated time you will be banned from participating as MMM are not looking for participants, It takes an extra 14 days from the day you pay your merged participant to get unfrozen (unfrozen means that you can now withdraw you money or that your money is now matured for withdrawal any day anytime though the more you leave the money the more it increases ) The participants who has provided help can ask or request for help which is the second stage for you to be qualified for the second stage you must have gone through the first stage which is providing help ,off course if you don’t provide help how do you expect to get money by requesting for help. You get merged immediately you request for help you don’t need to wait for 14days to get merged you get merged within 3minutes

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