Consultant joy:
Thank you for visiting MMM! How can i help you?
Consultant joy:
Really confuse and scared of the breaking news we are
getting everywhere. What’s really went wrong ma?

Consultant Joy:
The truth is what you have on your PO. There is a temporary
hold on all Mavros from Nigeria. This is just to protect the community from
going down.
We have learned based on many experiences that during this
yuletide season members usually ask for GH more than PH and when the balance is
not in equilibrium its will go down negatively, there might be an upset in the
So Far MMM Nigeria is doing great, the Admin aim is to keep
this community alive and active for a very long time and that’s what we all
aspire to do, right?
 So in order to do
that, we have planed out a preventive measure which is to hold the Mavros
during the yuletide season. But once the yuletide season is over everything
should go back to normal. So there is no need to panic; participants just have
to be patient so that the community will be even stronger than it already is.
We are not on any terrible situation; we are doing what’s best for everybody.
My Personal Chat With An Online Consultant On MMM 1

I see. Does that mean I should still go ahead and provide
help that I’ve been matched to pay since?
Consultant Joy:
Of course, you should
OK. But someone who was also matched to pay me refused to
pay me, and I didn’t get reassigned as before. Will I also have to wait until
Consultant Joy:
Yes, you have to wait. So Sorry.
OK. Thank you. The media is really doing a bad job making
people panic. I pray we prevail.
Consultant Joy:
One last question ??? What plans does Admin have if by
January everybody wants to GH and no PH?
Consultant Joy:
The system is being reconfigured in such a way that
henceforth everybody can’t GH at the same time as Mavro will now be credited
every day, not necessarily Tuesdays and Thursdays. That way all participants
won’t have any need to GH at the same time, but on a 30-day cycle.
My Personal Chat With An Online Consultant On MMM 2

You know as it stands now, when Mavros are unfrozen in
January as promised, everybody will want to GH immediately…You understand?
Will that not be another problem?
Consultant Joy:
The system will no longer allow everybody to GH at the same
time since it will now be on a 30-day cycle. This was really an opportunity to
improve the system. Admin is considering every possibility ahead of time.
Ok. Thank you. You are doing a wonderful work here. Please
keep it up
Consultant Joy:

Together we change the world