Nigeria Job Recruitment’s:When Will FIRS Start Recruiting 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18

Many wants to know if FIRS is already recruiting, while some wants to know when they will start recruiting, no doubt all this are because the level of unemployment in Nigeria is so high that in every home at least 2 graduate are unemployed.

Here is FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18 Updates.

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Federal Inland Revenue Service generally known as FIRS is a Nigerian revenue collection done by using this website
Is FIRS Recruiting Now @ This has always been the questions of applicants who can no longer manage the bad economy situation in the country Nigeria.
In-fact the last time i checked many who could no longer bear it now look for countries where they could travel to make it, not minding the kind of business they are venturing into. 
Nigeria Job Recruitment's:When Will FIRS Start Recruiting 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18 1
Nigeria Job Recruitment’s:When Will FIRS Start Recruiting 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18

See Why many applicants are interested in FIRS jobs.

FIRS job is the type that makes one very comfortable why because in terms of salary their pay are attractive, they get to travel from one state to the other, they are exposed for better training and so many more.

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FIRS Recruiting Now 2017 @ FIRS Recruitment Portal 2017/18
The 201718 FIRS application form (aspx) is not yet available online for download. Please do not respond to all those online advertisement requesting you to contact them for FIRS recruitment and replacement jobs.

Federal inland revenue service aptitude test is usually written immediately after the recruitment process has been completed. During this period, it is recommended that you read past questions, GMAT questions and answer etc to get you prepared or the exams. Do not let anyone deceive you about the exams. Nobody has the authority to get you a pass mark or give you the job. Do not fall victim.


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