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Nigeria Passport Renewal From UK – Please mind you, this is not to say that there hasn’t been a significant improvement in the process to renewing a Nigerian passport over the years.  

Nigeria Passport Renewal From UK

Nigeria Passport Renewal From UK

The process still involves traveling all the way to London assuming you don’t reside close to London.

Nevertheless Manchester office now open for Visa processing and renewal.

The process is however pretty straightforward. It begins with self-application and payment option which can be done online before heading to the consulate in London to complete the process.    

Steps By Step Guide to follow in order to renew a Nigerian passport in UK:  

Log onto their website here , click on the passport link, you will be taken to a page where you will see all the requirements for obtaining or renewing a passport.  

At the navigation panel at the top, click ‘Apply Online’. 

This may give you two types of passport to apply for: Standard e-Passport and Official e-Passport. The one that applies to you is the Standard Passport.  

Then you will be directed to the payment page hosted by SW Global LLC. Once, you’re on that site, you’ll be required to start the process on how to renew a Nigerian Passport by logging into the website.  

Note: The Debit/Credit card you will use for payment must carry the same name(s) as you have it on your passport.   

If the payment has been created successfully and received, you’ll receive an acknowledgement email.  

The information includes everything you’ll need to take with you once you go to the Nigerian consulate offices for the second phase of the Nigerian passport renewal process. 

Nigeria Passport Renewal From UK

From that point, your expired Nigerian passport completed through the electronic passport renewal portal and your payment slip will be emailed to the email address provided during registration. 

The next stage for you to renew a Nigerian passport is to book an appointment at the consular office.  

Once you’re on the website, under the Immigration navigation bar, look for the e-Passport appointment booking portal.  

You will also need to provide your ID, a reference number given to you when you completed the application, and  schedule an appointment to see the Nigerian Consulate. 

After creating an online appointment

A card number must be presented to applicant which requires you to wait until when called. 

When you are called, you may be asked to pay for your documents prior to being asked to wait in the bio-metric waiting room after which you will be invited to the room, before your bio-metrics are taken. 

After bio-metric is taken and inputted.

Receipt will be issued to you containing your own personal details together with deadline date to receive your new e-Passport in the mail. 

Documents expected to renew Nigerian passport in UK:

  • First and foremost. get our old passport (for renewal or reissue)
  • Afterwards you must have completed online passport application form
  • Also an online application payment confirmation slip
  • Thereafter, you will need the online application acknowledgement slip
  • Appointment booking slip
  • Lastly, applicable fee in postal order. 

Visa Processing Time: 25 Days  

If however you wish to visit Nigeria with an expired passport, you can apply for an emergency travel certificate from the Consular office.

How do you do this? Its easy like ABC just take emergency travel cert. along with you and fly to Nigeria.