The United States of America has clarified rumors going round about Nigerians been ban from entering the country. US Ambassador W. Stuart Symington said Nigerians has not been banned and will not be ban from visiting the state urging Nigerians to remain positive.

Nigerians Can still Enter US See Why 1

Recall that few days ago the US president, Donald Trump signed an executive order barring citizens from some selected Islamic countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iran, Sudan and Somalia from entering the country for the next 3months as well as suspending all admissions of all refugees for the next 4 months. While assuring Nigerians that the ban will not affect them the US Ambassador to Nigeria, Ambassador W. Stuart Symington said the US holds Nigeria and her citizens in high esteem and would not ban them from coming into US. Saying the bond between the two countries has been long solidified and will continue to be strong tomorrow. US President clarified the rumor that Nigeria visa status has been decreased to one year. Noting that nothing has actually changed in the Visa policy for Nigeria, clarifying that the two years multiple entry status is still valid for Nigerians. He repeated by saying U.S will not discriminate against any Nigeria based on religious belief or ethnic group.

Advice from Karisas Travel

Please avoid traveling with airlines routing through any of the restricted countries that have been banned from entering Unites State of America.