A PIA aircraft ATR-42 -AP-BHO land crashed near Havelian at 16:20 (4:20pm Nigerian time) all 5 crew members and 42 passengers were on the crashed plane.
Popular Jamshed Junaid  and wife who recently turned preacher was among 48

victims on plane that crashed close to Islamabad, the plane crashed around Havelian in Abbottabad district just close to the mountainous north of the country. Warraich,  Osama  the Deputy Commissioner of Chitral, was  also on board.

No Surviors :All 48 People on Board a Pakistani Plane 1
The airline chairman confirmed earlier today that all 48 people who boarded the Pakistani plane, which crashed around the mountainous north of the country’s, have died. On Wednesday the Pakistan international airline PK 661 came down on a domestic flight from chitral city to the islambad capital.
Muhammad Azam Saigol who gave a brief profile about the ATR-42 aircraft said the aircraft as at October 2016 passed the “A chech” certification which according to their policy , every aircraft in operation for over 500 hours must go through a thorough check to know the condition of the aircraft. He further went ahead to comfirm that the air craft was in good condition and that there was no technical or human error though investigation will commence immediately,  so he said.
So far  over 500 soldiers, paramedics and doctors have recovered 40 bodies which has been deposited at the Abbottabad medical complex. Before it land crashed the flight departed from the city of Chitral at 15:45 and was expected to land in islambad at about 16/:55 as at the time of compiling this information only five bodies have been identified 
“PIA aircraft ATR-42 (AP-BHO) crashed near Havelian at 16:42 hours, 42 passengers, five crew members and one ground engineer were on board,” the spokesperson said in a statement.
Medical officials told media that the bodies were badly burnt beyond recognition and it will be a waste of time trying to identify each body.
Jamshed became famous in Pakistan in the 1980s and 1990s when he released an album with Vital Signs pop band and. He gave up singing in the year 2001 and publicly announced that he was dedicating his life in spreading the goodness of Islam.