In their meeting held on Wednesday 25th January 2017, Northern Governors’ Forum, NGF, is now determined to have an alliance with concerned groups to secure Nigeria’s borders from Illegal herdsmen
In their meeting NGF has resolve to take record of all Fulani immigrants whose intention is to to rear cattle in the country, pointing out that most of the herdsmen involved in issues of insecurity are immigrants from countries like Senegal, Niger and Mali.

Northern Governors Believes Herdsmen Attacking Nigerians Are From Senegal and Mali 1

Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State who happens to be the chairman of the forum, revealed this to the media towards the end of their meeting in Kaduna.
While speaking to journalist at the meeting he said, “We also plotted out new methods that would be used by the local Fulani herdsmen to nurture their cattle without having to disturb other states in the country.”
The Northern Governors stressed the need for all Nigerian to take security matter as his or her concern, arguing that the nation could remain retrogressive if there was no peace.
On the issue of indigene dichotomy, the chairman revealed that they the forum is coming out with a new strategy towards national organization and integration to enable every Nigerian conveniently settle in any choice of the country devoid of discrimination.

Northern Governors Believes Herdsmen Attacking Nigerians Are From Senegal and Mali 2

“Governors who were not indigenes technically in their state yet attained the highest office in that state, like the late Sabo Bakin Zawo, from Niger and Ibrahim Shekarau, from Borno,” he said.
Accepting the fact that Nigeria as a whole was going through loads of challenges, mostly in Northern states, but expressed hopefulness that things can only get better.