NPower registration closing date

As a matter of fact Npower registration closing date is getting close. Finally and presently the NPower online registration has kicked off! This fantastic Social Investment Program set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria is now available! So, hurry up and see how to fill the application form on the official website! NPower registration closing date 2017 NPower – Empowering Nigerian Youths for Prosperity Actually, the Social NPower Program was created by the Federal Government of Nigeria in order to decrease the rate of youth unemployment. The main aim of this program is to ensure that young graduates and nongraduates are equipped with professional skills and special tools to lead them to entrepreneurship and innovations.

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Update Npower 2017

Npower can stimulate and improve the economy in Nigeria Similarly NPower program Also, the N-Power will be a platform for changing the economy. This program prepares young Nigerians to become trailblazers and innovators in the domestic and international fields.

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As a matter of fact, with this programm in continuous format Nigeria will have a lot of qualified software developers, good hardware service professionals, creative animators, fantastic graphic artists, best building services professionals, and so on.

Registration procedure NPower Recruitment 2017

Furthermore as NPower provides people with special skills and knowledge, it is very important that we look through positive criteria where applicants need to take note of. Usually, it is based on a number of points: – Graduates and non-graduates without a job; – Your age should be from 18 to 35; – If you have basic illustration skills, you will have the opportunity to become an animator or graphic artist; NPower recruitment 2017 – If you are creative and have good analytical writing skills, you can get the chance to become a script writer; – Take note that problems will be and must be solved by you; – The capacity/ability to introduce self-tutorship; – You must be able to pay attention to details. According to the N-Power rules.

To be the graduate means that you should have a Higher National Diploma or at least a Bachelors Degree from a well known tertiary educational institution be it in Nigeria or Abroad.

NPower Online Registration: How to apply?

Hurrah! Finally, NPower is back for June -July session be fast apply now! As a matter of fact or urgency my readers for sure hardly doubt be but be that as it may, applicant can now visit the NPower official website@: There you will find the special NPower application form. NPower online registration guide If you don’t know how to fill it in, there is a special NPower recruitment guide that will help you with all the difficulties. Portal

Furthermore after registration, you will get your own NPower login with the help of which you can check your selection results. Here are their official contacts if you faced any challenges while applying: Email address: APPLY2017@NPOWER.GOV.NG Telephone numbers: 08104000042, 07013000448, 08155000502, 08180000832. Remember that as a matter of fact, you have only 30days, as NPower registration closing date is the 13th July 2017.

Hurry up! We wish you Good Luck! Was this helpful please drop your comment below