NRC Recruit: List of shortlisted candidates for Nigerian Railway

The recruitment exercise conducted on Thursday, 6th of April, 2017 is just another demonstration of Government incompetency. But one will wonder that despite similar event that had happened in the recent past with NIS , we still have not learnt.

NRC called for Aptitude test ov er jobs advertisement that they have posted for more than six month ago, and still conducted the test woefully. Does that mean six months is not enough for them to prepare?

Check your list here: 
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You know the number of applicants you invited for the test in each zone. Take for instance, Ibadan District that host south west zone only has exam hall with capacity for just 50 candidates. And we had more than seven thousand crowd at the venue for both the invited and gatecrashers.
Now tell me how you intend to conduct such an exam that was scheduled for just one day successfully. It only took God’s grace for another trajedy to have been averted. Though a little number of casualties were also recorded. Should we say Nigerian youth are so unfortunate to have been created in a country such as this?

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