Receiving & Making Payment | Paying Federal Government of Nigeria Bills Using Remita-

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Payment using Remita is one of the safest method, Higher institution now make use of this portal as it has been proven and trusted, Here we will guide you through the whole steps in making payment and receiving payment using REMITA.


Receiving & Making Payment | Paying Federal Government of Nigeria Bills Using Remita-

Receiving & Making Payment | Paying Federal Government of Nigeria Bills Using Remita-

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  8. frsc remita payment – Also before i forget we will also be showing you how to follow simple steps to pay Federal Government Bill using Remita, online Payment platform, school fees payment, PHCN NEPA bills, FIRS Taxes, corporate Affairs Commission and other third party agent re-sellers/businesses, Steps to generate remita retrieval reference (RRR).

Receiving & Making Payment | Paying Federal Government of Nigeria Bills Using Remita-

To Pay Using Card:

Majorly For Student Of Higher Education

  1. Copy the (Remita Retrieval Reference) RRR Code generated for you
  2. Kindly click “Here” link (this will direct you to the remita page)
  3. Input “University Of Ibadan” in the Who do you want to pay textbox
  4. Input the generated RRR Code (Remita Retrieval Reference) you copied earlier
  5. Click Continue
  6. You will be directed to a page that will ask “How do you want to Pay?”
  7. Under the “Pay Now with Cards or Wallets” header, kindly pick your card type by clicking the appropriate logo that applies to your bank card (Verve, MasterCard or Visa)
  8. You will then be redirected to select (from a drop down option) your type of card
  9. Input your Card Number, CVV2 (last three digits on the reverse side of your card), Card Expiry date and Pin.
  10. Click on the Pay button.

Searches related to remita login

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lastly, generate remita payment reference (rrr)

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Upon Successful payment you can login to the portal- this time you will get information on your Matric number and password to use (this should automatically log you out)

You will have to visit the portal again but this time you will click the Returning Student link, then input the Matric Number and password generated for you earlier.
Login and start filling the biodata information required.
After filling the Biodata form, you can then proceed to Course Registration.

What is

Remita is an online payment platform that allow people to accept and send payment to individuals and corporate organizations.

How to Pay Any Federal Government Bill Online Using Remita Online Payment

  • Visit and click on “Pay A Federal Government Agency” button.
  • Type in the Beneficiary Name in first space provided [Name of MDA]: That is, the name of the institution you want to pay the money to. e.g. FSTC OROZO
  • Name Of Service/Purpose: Select the name of service or purpose of payment in the drop down list provided e.g FSTC OROZO SCHOOL FEES
  • Description: Type in the description of what you want to pay for. e.g I want to pay for annual license.
  • Amount To Pay(₦): Type in the amount that you want to pay e.g 10500 as in the case of the lady I helped this morning.
  • Payer’s Full Name : Type in your full name
  • similarly, Payer’s Email: Type in your email address
  • Payer’s Phone: Type in your phone number
  • furthermore, Complete the Security Captcha: To Confirm your transaction, you need to key in the
  • characters in the image into the box below it. This is for security purpose.
  • Lastly, click “Proceed to Payment” after the payment, you will be able to how to generate RRR code that you will use to authorise the payment. Payment Methods of Payment

  • Pay with Internet Banking

With internet banking, you can transfer money directly from your account to the beneficiary via Remita. On that “Pay with Internet banking”column, there are images of banks that supports internet banking via Remita platform. Click on any one of your choice and proceed to payment.
  • Pay with Cards or Wallets

This method allows you to use your credit/debit Card to make payment, click on make payment with card of the card of your choice e.g. MasterCard, Visa, Verve or International Card: MasterCard, Visa. You can also pay via e-Wallet services also.
  • Pay at a Bank Branch

Choosing this method enables you to pay money at any bank branch, you simply  print out the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code to your bank for payments.
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