For the benefits of my readers here are brief history of China and its major cities, this article will help you in making a good concrete decision of where you really want to spend your money in doing business with China.


Guangzhou  is one of
the top cities in China Guangzhou is the capital city of Guangdong, Guangzhou is
also referred to as the Ram city in Guangzhou we have one of the famous port city
in the world, in Guangzhou there are diverse business opportunities to explore
. Guangzhou is Administration center of commerce, trade, transportation,
exhibition, import and export etc, Guangzhou usually hold china import and
export trade fair which is generically known as Canton Trade fair, Canton trade
fair is held two times in a year during the spring time and the fall time it is
rated as the largest international trade fair in the world.


Beijing is one of the four ancient old cities in China which
has been in existence over three thousand years; Beijing is the capital city of
China. Beijing is a famous ancient and Modern city in the world. Beijing is the
location of central people’s government. It’s known for its politics, cultural,
science and education centre. In Beijing there are 6 world class heritages.


Shanghai, is known as the biggest city in China, in terms of
GDP in China Shanghai tops the rest city Shanghai houses a lot of Businesses. Shanghai
ranks top in science and technology, Transport, shipping business, exhibition,
finance and trade. It is also known for its international port. Right Now
Shanghai is seriously working towards developing its international finance trade
and shipping centre of the world they believe that by 2020 they should be in
the top map of the world in terms of shipping and trade. Also Shanghai
International auto show is one of the biggest auto shows in Asia.


Shenzhen or Peng city is known for its unique economic zone
in China, in Peng City we have one of the best Air Hub, Marine and foreign
trade port in the world. Peng City Is one of the very important city of China
in fact it’s the symbol of China’s new dawn. Peng City is known for its Foreign
trade its now like the centre of the worlds attraction .


Nanjing, although some know it as Ning, Nanjing is the
capital of Jiangsu, Jiangsun is located around the eastern China. Nanjin is
known for its Military nature , science and education shipping and its politics.
Nanjing has 6000years history of civilization, which made it to be one of the
four ancient capital cities in China.  


Wuxi, in china is called “Xi”, located deep in the hinder
land of Yangtze Delta Plain, eastern of Jiangsu province.


Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang province. Hangzhou
is known for its communication and finance center, also known for politics, science
and education, economy, transport and media. Hangzhou is known for hosting World
Leisure Expo, International Carton Festival and the Micro Film Exhibitions
which is a major exhibition in China and its province.


Before applying for business visa for China make sure you have all the necessary documents needed, here are what you need to proceed to China for business.
One completed visa application form
A recently taken passport photo
All blanks on the application form should be filled in with genuine information, false or incomplete information and unsubscribed words will lead to disapproval

Application And Requirements For China Business  Visa 1
Visa Notification Form issued by an approved unit in China that is visa notification issued by departments of the Chinese government, or companies and social organizations authorized by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
Invitation letter which has been guaranteed and stamped with signature from the applicant’s sponsor and business partner you are going to do business with in China.
The letter should state clearly applicant’s :
  • Name
  • Position
  • Passport number
  • Applicant’s company name
  • Address and telephone number
  • Purpose of visit
  • Duration of stay and specific itinerary in China
  • An original correct introduction letter with the full name just as its written in your passport, title (Mr, Mrs, Miss or Master)
  • Date & signature of the issuing person from applicant’s company.
  • Don’t also forget that the letter would indicate vividly applicant’s name
  • Present occupation and position in the company
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Intended duration of stay, city intended to visit,
  • Name and address of applicant’s business partner in China
  • items and quantity of goods planned to order and purchase
One original photocopy of the applicant’s ID card worry not the original will be returned to the applicant after the interview
Original together with one photocopy of the certificate of incorporation of the applicant’s company. The original will be returned to the applicant before he lives the embassy.
Hotel reservation in China
Round-trip ticket between Nigeria and China(return ticket)
Recent bank statement of account
proof of business transactions  connection with the inviting company in China .
I hope this information has helped you if yes please share.