Rivers rerun election: Army Saves The lives of  5 NYSC members

Why Military was involved in Rivers re-run election

The Nigerian Army has just disclosed the set points of their involvement within the present Rivers elections.

It is confirmed that troopers of 6 Division Nigerian military gave safety throughout the Rivers state -run election that was carried out.

“As well as, the allegations made by some revered politicians relating to deep involvement of troopers throughout the elections had been aimed toward tarnishing the optimistic picture of the military.”

Reasons why military was compelled to give a press report, the military mentioned the accusations needed to be clarified.
“The voters accused soldiers of snatching ballot boxes, illegal escorts of key politicians, assault and detention of voters in the entire conduct of the elections.

“The nature of those allegations could cause angry members of the general public to look at troopers negatively, hence the need to adequately inform the general public on the true perspective of the matter.

“Thus want to think about them as mere farce to garner public sympathy.”

The rescue of the kidnapped National Youth Service Corps  members played  prominently within the assertion.

“At Emouha, Mr Oblewaremu abducted  five NYSC members with election gadgets in a space bus. The 5 NYSC members have been rescued just as the suspect was handed over to the police.
“Several shooting were recorded in some communities such as Bodo, the home town of the secretary to the state government, B-dere and Mogho in Gokhana LGA, including snatching of ballot boxes

“The most brutal incidence happened at Ujju Neighborhood a stone throw to Omoku in Onelga were police patrol team was ambushed. Within the ambush, 10 policemen scampered into the bush,” they clarified.
On a very sad note, the army revealed the death of DSP Alkali Mohammed during a rescue mission by the policemen, saying:

“The mobile police organized a rescue mission. Were unfortunately, the team discovered that DSP Alkali Mohammed of mobile police unit 48 was beheaded along with his orderly

Rivers rerun election: Army Saves The lives of 5 NYSC members 1
“The patrol vehicle was also taken away with weapons, three policemen escaped whereas 5 had been missing in action.
“This is the same point where soldiers of 34 Brigade had been ambushed on November 2016, same point where a soldier was killed. In addition to this November 21, 2016, 4 personnel of NSCDC were killed and their weapons taken away.
“These attacks are reasonable evidence of violation of breach of legislation and order which painting the realm as a flash line.

“Regardless of this barbarism, the Armys acted with great civility and professionally guaranteeing peaceable election.”

The Nigerian military concluded by giving the following breakdown:
“Nigerian army is a respected institution with constitutional responsibility to safeguard lives and property, could not stand to watch miscreants and touts abducting, molesting and killing innocent citizens.
“The Rivers state re-run election  by Gods grace was believed to be credible, free, fair and peaceful in parts of the state.
“Accusations of soldiers partisanship therefore was sham and phony.