This is basically ⇒How to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | This guide is just to help readers on how to go about obtaining student visa this is why i tagged it Rush to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | Check Complete Guide’.

Rush to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | Check Complete Guide – First and foremost, foreign students are welcome at most of the country’s academic institutions. To register in the institution, the student will have to directly apply to the school.


Afterwards student may be admitted into the University, he/she will be given a document that will enable the student obtain a student Visa which in most cases, the process can be easy or difficult.

Rush to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | Check Complete Guide

Rush to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | Check Complete Guide

As a matter of fact, the students may live in the school dorms or rent apartments close to the school; this is totally out of the student’s pocket.

Also, student need to pay tuition fees except in cases of scholarships.


Therefore, the student must proof that he or she is financially capable of providing for themselves while in the country.

See Complete Requirements for Dominica Student Visa.

  1. First and foremost, Original and photocopy of passport information and signature page.
  2. Secondly, Original copy of Dominican Republic visa application form.
  3. A recent passport photograph with white background.
  4. Furthermore, Color photocopies of previous Dominican visa or residence cards.
  5. An acceptance letter from the academic institution in the Dominican Republic, which will specify the level and duration of study.
  6. Also, Applicants below 18 years must provide birth certificate and written authorization by parents or guardian.
  7. Similarly, Medical certificate of fitness which will be translated into Spanish.
  8. A letter stating financial stability from parent or bank statement. If on scholarship, a document with proof of the scholarship from the institution using their official letterhead and must be certified. This document must indicate the amount of the scholarship and its duration.
  9. Finally, Get Original copy of a letter of intent from the applicant to the consulate. The following must be included in the letter:

Do You Need A Student Visa?

If Yes!!

See How to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria.

According to WEALTH RESULT… International students are welcome at most of the country’s higher education programs. To enroll, students will need to apply directly to the school. These universities often have availability especially for those students who have significantly good grades as undergraduates (for those enrolling in graduate programs) or in high school equivalents.

If the student is accepted by the Dominica University, he or she then is given documentation that allows the student to obtain a necessary student visa. In most cases, this process is straightforward and done quickly.

Most international students will live in dorm like settings on the campuses themselves. Others can rent apartments near the campus. These costs are out of pocket and not included with educational programs.

Furthermore, In order to enrol, students must be able to show that they can provide financial support for themselves. This includes paying for housing and health insurance. Some international students will work while they are still studying. In addition, students will need to pick a specific degree. This may include criminology, human resources, business, medical or law.

Rush to Apply for Dominica Student Visa from Nigeria | Check Complete Guide

Also, the cost of living in Dominica is moderate and comparable throughout the Caribbean. In terms of costs for higher education, Dominica schools are able the same as those found in Europe or the United States. The student will need to pay his or her own education. Some may qualify for grants and discounted education for exceptional service or for schooling in an area in demand. Generally, schools help students to find necessary funding.

Contact Details.

Finally, Once your documents are complete, visit the address below to begin your student Visa application:

Address: Maputo Street (off Abidan Street), Wuse Zone 3

Garki, Abuja.

P.O.Box: 130

Phone Numbers: 9 5230205, 9 5230490

Email Address:



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