Able men and women ready to make a choice after comparing different flight and conditions attached to them. 
relax and Calm down as Karisas Travel will be explaining to you from its wealth of experience, the best and safest way to make a choice after comparing a flight.
Formerly the coach seat were seen as a normal seat which one can use in flying to whatever country he/she wants to fly to. Formerly nobody was interested in knowing the kind of seat flying to their destination what they were only after was price and availability for as long as it will take them to there destination they care less of the type of seat to use even.
Time they say flies, as those coach seats have now been customized to something else, seats now differs  from sizes and prices, seat now are of different categories some now have screens on their seat for entertainments, power outlets, adjustable seats, comfortable cabins, different styles of window and fast WiFi even the said economy now have different types of economy seat with different services rendered.
Some factors are considered to get more weight than the rest; the following factors are what to look out for when comparing a flight.
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  •  Seat available: Most people will always prefer a certain seat position be it economy, business c or first class, the seat available determines the amount to be paid and that’s why its advice you always consult your travel agent to make comparison before making decision, because with them things will be a lot more easier. 
  •  Flight routes: some flight route might not favor you for example: Mr A wants to go to Nairobi for business from Ghana but want to fly with air France, this simply means that he/she will consume more time and money because Air France will fly you first to its Hub which is Paris (Charles De Gaul) before bringing you back to Nairobi.
  •  Flight number of stopovers: it’s advised that you fly with the best airline for your route and always know the number of stopovers you will encounter before getting to your final destination.
  •  Flight departure time:    Most people will want a flight that departs in the morning time in other for them to accomplish one or two things that same day after safe landing. While some prefer the late hour departure time (Turkish air departs from Lagos by 23:55pm) because some will say they want to be asleep while they air airborne
  • Flight arrival time: Your arrival time matters a lot always take note of your arrival time, some airline arrives /land to their destination at late hour which is not advisable for anyone flying to a strange country for the first time
  •  Terminals: Not all airline use same terminals and this may affect you especially if your ward is not familiar with the terminals
  • Type of aircraft: What type of air craft are you using? Are you using the Airbus family or are you using the Boeing family? Make your choice as they have different function and services. 
  • Landing airport : confirm the landing airport as sometimes you might not know the exact airport you are landing especially when you are flying to a country that has so many international airport around, for example if you are flying to London Heathrow you might be entering the craft going to Newark airport. 

Things that can be carried to travel by air

There are actually some unbelievable things that airlines can allow you to travel with, though depending on the airline:

  • Lighter for smokers: You can be allowed to carry lighter but that doesn’t mean you will be allowed to light it on or use it for smoking.
  • Hand tools: As long as its not above 18cm inch long then it can be taken into the passenger cabin e.g., screwdrivers, pliers and Wrenches, Small scissors as long as it’s less than 10cm.
  • Household Items: House hold items like electrical, house use batteries and plumbing items are generally allowed on board .
  • Electronic cigarettes: some airlines will allow this in your check in bag while some airlines will not permit it , even with that you will not be allowed to smoke while on board.

I hope with these write up you can now compare and make good choice that really suit you Good luck in your choice!
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