See Why MMM Cant Pay You Now

Yes it is true that MMM is back. Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM),
a Ponzi scheme, yesterday been Friday 13th January opened for
business after one month of festive holiday, but investors in the scheme have
remained stranded as they still cannot access their funds.
 See Why MMM Cant Pay Or Merge You Now 1

Here are few reasons why MMM cannot Merge you

  • MMM Nigeria: as you all know other countries MMM scheme are
    still ongoing therefore,have it at the back of your mind that MMM Nigeria just
    opened on Friday and as such can’t start merging immediately because it fell on
    a weekend and not every participant have access to internet banking.

  • Banks don’t open on weekends for those who want to provide
  • They opened on Friday in other to get enough participants
    who wants to provide help (notice that if you provide help now you will no
    longer have to wait for 14days before been merged)  .
  • Those who are providing help will be merged to more than 2
    to three persons because MMM needs to settle the poor ones who has provided
    help already.
  • Confirmation system has now been well modified and might not
    be easy for those who wants to load fake tellers
  • MMM needs people to be more aware of their recommencement,
    do not forget they are trying to gain back there trust from participant willing
    to provide help.
  • Let’s just be patient as we will all be merged and payed our
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