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Long before the advent of internet technology or at least, before it became available for public use, that is, some 34 years ago, God revealed this technology to me when He said, “As you speak from one spot, it shall be seen on the screen around the nations of the world at the same time” that was back in April 10, 1982 to be precise.

Furthermore, there was also the vision of a great house that came down from heaven and broke into splinter houses as it landed on the earth and the same fire burning on the altar of the great house was seen burning on the altar of the splinter houses.


This implies same impact in all congregations of Winners, whether on ground here in Canaanland or in any other part of the world, as we transmit our services live through the internet across the nations of the earth.

Nevertheless this is why the impact of Shiloh in all the viewing centers has been the same as we have it here on ground at Canaanland.

The following selected testimonies from our various Shiloh Satellite Viewing Centers further validate this claim:

11-Year Barrenness Terminated!

“For eleven years, I was barren. Although my husband was supportive, my in-laws mocked me. A friend invited me to Winners’ Chapel in Eldoret, Kenya, for one of the Sunday services and I attended. That day, I was blessed by the Word of God and my faith came alive.

Thereafter, my husband and I prayed and believed God for divine intervention. During Shiloh 2016, it was topmost on our prayer point and we held on to every prophecy declared by the Bishop. After Shiloh, I became pregnant and to the glory of God, I delivered a baby boy!” —Mrs.   Kimutai (Eldoret, Kenya)

‘SS’ Turned ‘AA’!

“On the third day of Shiloh 2016, the Bishop instructed us to write our expectations from God behind our Bibles. I wrote that I desired a change of genotype from ‘SS’ to ‘AA’ for my son.

Furthermore the next day, I attended the Healing School and thereafter, I took my son for a genotype test. Lo and behold, when I received the result, his genotype had changed from ‘SS’ to ‘AA’. To God be all the glory!”   —Atukomi, G. (Elelenwo, PH).


Healed of 35-Year Deafness!

“I experienced deafness in my left ear for 35 years. I hid this shortcoming from people and pretended as if all was well.

However, I attended Shiloh 2016 and during one of the sessions, the Bishop instructed everyone to put their hands on any area of deficiency. I placed my hand on my left ear.

However during the praise session, I blocked my right ear with my hand and discovered that I could hear with my left ear. Now, I can hear audibly from both ears. The God of Shiloh has given me a turnaround!” —Jonathan Omotoyinbo (Minnesota, USA)

Strange Infection Destroyed!

“Presently before I attended Shiloh 2016, I was very sick for 23 years. In addition, five years ago, I was diagnosed with an infection and the doctor said that if it was not treated on time, my womb would be affected.   Immediately, I rejected the report and told him that my God did not create me with sickness.

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Thereafter, I came to Shiloh ground and was determined not to leave without been healed.

On Saturday, while Bishop Oyedepo blessed the anointing oil during the Anointing Service, I lifted my bottle in faith and believed God for my healing. Later, I went for a test in the same hospital where I was diagnosed with that strange sickness. When the doctor returned with the test results, he wondered if I was the same person who came for test earlier because every trace of infection had been cleared off. I give God all the glory!” —Benita, W. (Abraka)


Delivered From Insanity!

“I am a driver by profession. Mysteriously, I became insane and violent. I became a risk to myself and those around me.

However, my family brought me to Shiloh 2015, with my hands and feet tied. Immediately after the prayer of one of the morning sessions, my sanity and memory were restored. To God be all the glory!”   —Bro. Tatek (Ethiopia)

Marital Delay Terminated!

“I joined this Commission in November 2013. During Shiloh 2015, I prayed that the yoke of marital delay in my family would be destroyed because none of my brothers or sisters were married. On the third night which was tagged, ‘Night of settlement,’ God answered my prayers.

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On October 26, 2016, two of my sisters got married. Furthermore, on November 16, my brother also got married.

Afterwards, the devil attacked my family. On our way home after the wedding, we had an accident and the car somersaulted. However, we came out unhurt. I thank the God of Shiloh for His faithfulness! Praise the Lord!” —Henry Okeme (Kubwa, Abuja)



Divine Healing!

“My wife and I were very ill and we were placed on daily medication by the doctors. I suffered from sickle cell anemia for 33 years and diabetes for nine years. My wife also suffered from high blood pressure for 15 years. We attended Shiloh 2015 and believed God for healing.

Furthermore we also attended all the healing school sessions. To the glory of God, we went for medical checkup and the results confirmed that all our infirmities were gone. Truly the God of Shiloh is awesome!” —Mr. & Mrs. Akoman Achilles (Ivory Coast)    

‘SS’ Turned ‘AA’!

“I attended Shiloh 2016 with high expectations because I suffered from Sickle Cell Anaemia for 30 years. During Shiloh, I suffered health crisis, so I administered the anointing oil on my body.

After one of the morning sessions, I laid on the altar, prayed and believed God that it would be the last time I would suffer such crisis in my life. Thereafter, I went for a test and the result confirmed that my genotype had changed from ‘SS’ to ‘AA’. Praise the Lord!” —Egwuagha Happiness (Goshen, Abuja)


It all Started in 2009. My husband proposed and I decided we go for a general test. Shockingly I was found positive while he was negative. We did it a second time and still positive then I broke down believing my world had Crushed right in front of me. I decided to attend Shiloh 2016 in Italy.

All through Shiloh I kept thanking God for my healing. On the 8th of January 2016, I went for another test, and when my result came out, it was written that no virus was found in my blood and that no sign of infection could be found in the patient. Here are the results of the test. To the glory of God, I am happily married. To God alone be all the Glory. Mrs Emem Ayodele (Italy)

God Gave Me A New Heart

I was exposed to high pressure raw natural gas when I was carrying out a critical task at the auto-thermal reactor as chevron escravos gas to liquid plant.

Afterward that particular task deep within me I knew something was wrong, so after that task we were all subjected to medical checkup at the best hospital in Warri, there the doctor told me that I have a bad heart condition that during the ECG scan they could not capture all the segments of my heart.

I stated battling with my condition, I lived everyday of my life as if it was the last I have. Then Shiloh 2016, I couldn’t travel down to Canaanland because of fear of the unknown, so I was at the viewing center in my local church. During the course of the event I heard papa said every challenge you are facing as a believer have an expiring date and that everyday is God’s day but the day you believe is your day.

Nevertheless I keyed into the declaration, on the last day of Shiloh during the impartation, I was moved to rededicate my life to God, so I came outside. To the glory of God, when God’s servant told us to place our hand of our chest and began to pray for us, all my body was shaking and heart beat automatically regulated and I was instantly healed.

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I was want to thank the God of Shiloh for giving me a brand new heart kicking, pumping and bouncing like that of a new born baby. Anthony James (Okoukoko, Warri).


HIV Healed

Diagnosed HIV positive, and one of my friend advices me to join this commission. Today I can thank my friend because during Shiloh 2016 at our viewing center here, I experience Heaven on Earth in my health…this sadness of darkness disappeared. Now the test is negative. The God of Bishop OYEDEPO healed me. Praise the lord Sis TOUGOMA (Kara, Togo)

Divine Visitation

As a matter of fact I came to Shiloh 2015 with very high expectations for divine visitation. I didn’t have a job at the time, but gave all I had on me as my Shiloh sacrifice which was a gift from a friend. I believed God for my miracle marriage and miracle job.

Above all God showed up. On March 3, 2016 I was supernaturally connected to my husband and on September 27, 2016 we were gloriously married. Also in July same year I got a miracle job I didn’t apply for with all kinds of benefits. Ann Aigbovo – (Manchester, UK)