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The Nigerian Survival Fund for prospective beneficiaries has launched the Survival Fund Application 
2021 Registration Portal, and here is the full survival fund registration guide for 2021.Software Platform for Survival Fund CLICK HERE TO STAR REGISTRATION
Registration has begun, according to the Survival Fund website, and candidates who are interested in this grant will now register online for the Federal Government Survival Fund.
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We assure you that you will not have to think about government funds frequently asked questions after this post;
  1. How do I register for the 2021/2022 Survival Fund?
  2. What are the registration criteria for survival funds?
  3. Has registration of survival funds begun for 2021?
  4. What is a portal for survival funds?

Software Platform for Survival Fund CLICK HERE TO STAR REGISTRATION

Relevant 2021 Registration Criteria for the Survival Fund

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Important 2021 Registration Criteria for the Survival Fund

Check out any of these identification requirements before dealing with this recipient enrollment and registration;

  1. First and foremost, get a completely functioning registration email address
  2. The survival fund registration form must also be filled out, scanned and uploaded.
  3. Company must be indigenous as well (owned by a Nigerian).
  4. You must have a limit of ten(10) workers on the payroll as well.
  5. Involved individuals must also have their company registered with the Committee on Corporate Affairs (CAC)
  6. All candidates must also have their verification number for the bank (BVN)
  7. Lastly, candidates must also have a Nigerian bank that is working.


How Much is the Registration Fee for the Survival Fund?

The online form of the Survival Fund is free of charge.

This also depends on the officials situated near you, you may have to pay for your cyber cafe registration.

The average cost of the cyber cafe is 1500-2000 naira tops

The registration fee therefore amounts to N2000 naira

Steps on how to apply for the2020 MSME Survival Fund

These measures should be noted by all prospective NYIF beneficiaries and noted that you are supposed to do all registration through the nyif portal;

  • Phase one is to build an online portal account with the Survival Fund Board,
  • Then login to your dashboard and complete the bio-data form of the survival fund,
  • Upload all the necessary documentation for registration,
  • Thumb print for confirmation of biometrics if needed,
  • Upload the portal for applications.

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