Solve Your Login npower Problems

Solve Your Login npower Problems

Complains coming from all quarters indicate that many applicant can not successfully register the npower  program online
Its now obvious that you can login but you can’t register your N-Power online

Solve Registration Issues Here

Below are questions and answers that can help you in solving your npower registration process online

1. Please can you list the items I need to take along to the cafe… and the procedures for registration
    Simplified Registration Procedures for ?

Answers for Question no.1
please log in to and click on the HELP & SUPPORT

2. “I reached the last step… But couldn’t go further. and when I tried to restart again, the response I           got was that my email, phone number and bvn are already used. I need help please?

Answers for  Question no.2

     it means Your data is already registered . Just sign out and login again to proceed to upload your          document and submit

3.   Please how do I edit my passport size to 45mm by 35mm?

Solve Your Login npower Problems 1

Free Login to N-Power-See How To Register Here

Answers for Question no.3

Open the passport with paint application, click CONTROL

While on your keyboard, you will see option of resize by

percentage or pixel, click on pixel, change the number in

horizontal to 132, vertical to 170, click ok and save the new

size, you are good to go.

Note: If the box is not allowing you to input the number,

untick the box that have *maintain aspect ratio*, input the

132 and 170 then save

Simplified Registration Procedures for

1) Click on
2) You’re taken to the homepage with the following headings: npower logo, npower YouTube tutorial, npower needs you, and programs.
3) Click on PROGRAM
4) Clicking on program will highlight the following areas: teacher corps, (the enablers ); knowledge (innovators); Build (the builders )

Teacher Corps is basically for unemployed graduates hoping to get 500,000 Nigerians in the following areas: npower agro, npower health, npower teach, npower community education. The name says it and you’ll know which area would best suit you.
Knowledge is for both graduates and non graduates hoping to catch 10,000 Nigerian youths in the following areas: npower creative, npower tech hardware, npower tech software
Build covers these areas building services, construction, building environment services, utilities, automative, aluminium and gas hoping to catch in 75,000 Nigerians. I think graduates and non graduates can apply for this

5)You already know which area you fit in.
6) Assuming you’re applying for npower agro, click on Teacher corps
7) You’ll see under it Enablers, click on more
cool Clicking on more will list npower agro, health etc, click on Npower agro.
cool Under it you’ll se overview (what the area is all about) course details, criteria (whether you have the requirements ) etc
9) Scroll down, you’ll see Apply
Apply means you need to register first. It means you need to have an account: Username, valid email address, password are needed to register an account

10) Click on register after supplying the above info in step 9
If you like, you can sign out then login again to upload your docs
Repeat step 6 but don’t click on register again.
Under register, you’ll see Login
Login that’s where you see step 1 of 5 .
That’s the stage you’ll have to provide the necessary Info about you including your qualifications.
After you’re done, Click on Submit.
That’s all, you’ll be contacted, but be patient.
read this:
For npower knowledge and npower build, when you sign in their links are missing. Use this to apply instead
for npower knowledge,
for npower build, http://
This links are to be used after you have signed in.
Registration Issue

If after supplying username, email, password you click on register and you’re told: YOUR USERNAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IS ALREADY REGISTERED.

Don’t worry, scroll down and click on LOGIN using the Same username or email and your password
You’ll get access to the portal.
It means your registration is already recognized.
Npower is designed for both graduates and non.
Apply under Build( The builders ) This area has the following sub categories;

1) building services
2) construction
3) building service
4) utilities
5) automative
6) aluminium and gas.

best of luck

So head straight to your area of interest to upload your docs and info N-Power Volunteer Network – You will need a username and password to be able to sign in to your npower account to be able to participate in the up coming volunteer network and be among those that will benefit from the upcoming recruitment and bonuses.

This is how the login page looks like;

SIGN IN Forgot Password?
By logging in to N-Power Volunteer Network, you consent to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy governing use of the programme.

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