Quick guide on how to start a Book Club Online 2018 | STARTING UP BOOK CLUB ONLINE BUSINESS SEE GUIDELINES | I believe you will agree with me in totality that anyone who says they have only one life to live must know how to read books, not only that, you will extract more juices from books when you become a member of a book club, where intellectuals meet twice in a month to dissect any book under discussion.

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Reading isn’t all about reading for pleasure; it is all about reading to expand the horizon of one’s mind. This is why some folks have become addicted to reading books.



If reading can be such fun, why then are there still some people who find reading really boring. Research has shown that even governments of some countries have gone as far as making reading clubs compulsory, so as to get the best of brains in their countries groomed.


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If you aren’t conversant with reading clubs, then you may want to stop to ask what reading clubs are all about. Reading clubs are all about a group of people coming together to promote the art of book reading and this isn’t a hard thing to set up. If you have a passion for reading and do not like to read alone because you want other readers to see what profit there is in reading then you may want to consider the following tips in starting your own book club.


Read Extensively

If you are looking to start your own book club, then you must first of all look into researching on what book clubs are, what they entail, how to source for members and how they are run. You can readily get information on these questions from the internet. Do this research and you would be amazed at the volume of information you might get.

Determine Your Aim

It is really important that you determine the aim why you might want to start a book club. One of the underlying aims why you should want to start a book club should be your hunger to promote book reading amongst people, as well as the intention to want help people who find reading boring and a Herculean task change their wrong notion.

Determine the Type of Book Club

It isn’t enough to just want to set up a book club without first knowing the types of book clubs and the type that you might want to consider starting. You may want to choose between academic books and highly social ones. To get this finally determined you would need to invite some folks and know what types of books are of interest to them.

Determine the Type of Books

In getting this off the way, you might have to first ask yourself a question like; what kind of books am I interested in? They might include the following genres or a mix of it; the fiction based books which consist of the historic, general, romance, sci-fi, western, mystery, classic, current or general.

There also is the non-fiction which has the following under its category; history, memoir, biography, travel, current events, science and cooking. Others are in the category of poetry and drama. For you to arrive at which, you may consider arranging them from the order of the more challenging works to the lighter ones.

Select Your Members

Now that you are making headway in choosing the right things, the next thing to consider would be choosing the people who are to be members of your team. You may consider having 10 – 20 people as members of your team. This is so that you do not have much people and it becomes difficult to hold group discussions.

However it is important to start with just 3 people and give them the freedom to invite one person each. It isn’t important that everyone know one another in fact it becomes more fun when they do got know one another. After a couple of meetings, you would see how it grows.

Determine When to Meet

It is important that you have a designated schedule when you meet; this is so that you can be consistent in achieving your aim. You may consider making it a once in a month kind of club as this is what obtains in most clubs. Whilst others make theirs an every six weeks or bi monthly affair, it is all up to you to determine which might work for you.

Determine a Location

You have got to decide on the best location that might be suitable for you and your team. It may be in a restaurant, home, public libraries, club house, church, café, and what have you. You may need to sample the view of other members so as to come up with a good and convenient place for all.

Decide on Refreshments

This all depends on your capacity. However, there wouldn’t be anything bad in having to take some meals or snacks as you have your book club meetings. You may want to consider having meals at home or making it an outdoor affair in restaurants and what have you. Decide if it should be a real meal, dessert and coffee, wine and cheese or snacks in general.

Get an Identity

It is very unique when you and your team think of a very good name to be identified as. You may want to consider coming up with different names and have members critique it, or you may all come up with one to be identified as. You may want to take cue from the following name; Red book babes, Best readers or New Orleans literary lions. Be sure that the name you arrive at resonates with what you do.

Community Project

Nothing pays like giving back to the community. So you may want to consider giving back to the community from where you operate from. It may be offering a scholarship to a select few people, or it may be donating books to the local library around you.


Would these steps really get you started? You bet it sure would as these steps are time tested tips that can get you started any day and any time.