Stephanie Otobo Exposes Apostle Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministry

Stephanie Otobo Exposes Apostle Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministry

Otobo Stephanie is accusing Apostle Suleman of impregnating her

Otobo Reveals more about Pastor Suleiman in a video interview she granted the media.

The so-called estranged mistress of Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide founder, Apostle Johnson Suleman granted a video interview
Otobo Reveals more:
In the interview, the lady, Stephanie Otobo, explains what she termed as weird preferences of the pastor
Following scandalous allegations by Canadian singer, Stephanie Otobo, that she was impregnated and abandoned by the preacher and founder of Omega Fire Ministry Worldwide, Otobo has granted a video interview exposing more of what she called the weird preference of Apostle Johnson Suleman.
Otobo said in her interview that after the Apostle gave her a concoction to abort her pregnancy, her bleeding didn’t stop even after she returned to Canada where she consulted a spiritual help in fear that Apostle might have used some diabolical means on her.
Otobo also said: “Apostle Suleman told me he pays girls N400,000 per night to sleep with him.”
“Sometimes he would ask me to bring my female friends and I was confused, why would a pastor who said he loves me ask me to do some of those things he said.”

Stephanie Otobo Exposes Apostle Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministry 1Stephanie Otobo Exposes Apostle Suleman Of Omega Fire Ministry 2

When the interviewer asked her if she knows any of the girls paid by Apostle Suleman, she said: “Yes, I know one of them, she is an actress, fair skin, tall, but I don’t know her name. I don’t really know the names of Nigerian actresses, but I think she is Ghanaian.”
Apostle Suleman React to Otobo Accusation
Meanwhile, Apostle Johnson Suleman has denied being involved in the arrest and detention of Canadian singer Stephanie Otobo by the police on Friday, March 3. Suleman said there was never a relationship between himself and the singer.
A statement signed by Phrank Shaibu, the communications manager to the controversial prophet said, Suleman never promised to marry Stephanie at any point in time.

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