Thank God I am alive according to one of the lucky survivors,
who claims the set accidental bombing on the IDP in Rann, Borno state was not
accidental but a deliberate act.

Remember that the Nigerian Army fighter jet on Tuesday was
reported to have unintentionally bombed the IDP settlements thinking they were
Boko Haram members.

It has been revealed by one Abdulwahab Adam that the tragic
incident which claimed the lives of over 200 people due to a fighter jet that Bombed
the IDP and its surroundings three good times (mistakenly).

The lucky survivor who sat alongside with others in the
hospital at the General Hospital in Maiduguri, said:

“The bombs were dropped on us three times I really can’t
explain how Nigerian Military could bomb us three times and said it was a mistake.”

Still on the attack, the survivor believed that there was
nothing like mistake about the air strike.

This is what he has to said:

“There was nothing accidental or mistake about the bombing
and please let’s stop saying it was a mistake.

“The Federal Government of Buhari should stop misinforming
Nigerians that it was a mistake; for this was not. It was nothing but a malicious
attack on we the masses.

Stop Feeding The Public With Lies You Bombed Us Deliberately: This is Not The First Time > Survivor 1

“This camp has been in existence long ago that they will say
they are not aware of, and the attack happened when everyone was outside queuing
up to receive humanitarian materials. I repeat it was a deliberate attack.”

A lucky survivor who is not Abdulwahab Adam talking about the
attack, said:

“This is the same force that told the world that they could
not drop the bomb on insurgents in the Sambisa Forest because of human shield
but weeks later, dropped bombs on unarmed civilians in an IDPs’ camp.

“Perhaps they were blindfolded to know that we were in a
queue and we were unarmed.