#BBNAIJA | TBOSS Cannot Sing The Nigerian National Anthem Correctly

Debbie Rise Exposes Tboss

Tboss Not Able To ReciteNational Anthem

Just in: TBoss finding it difficult to sing the first and second stanza of the Nigerian National Anthem in the Big Brother Naija Reality Show.
Big brother Naija gave housemate a task to use a dice which contains DARE, TRUTH ……
It got to TBoss turn to throw the dice  of which she did and the dice faced the Dare position’.
#BBNAIJA | TBOSS Cannot Sing The Nigerian National Anthem Correctly 1
#BBNAIJA | TBOSS Cannot Sing The Nigerian National Anthem Correctly
The BBNAija housemates (EFE, BISOLA, DEBIE RISE and MARVIS) all decided to ask TBoss to recite the Nigerian National Anthem and to everyone’s amazement she started mumbling words to her self  for over two minutes indicating that she has little knowledge reciting the Nigerian Nationa Anthem
later on the housemate recited the Anthem correctly and TBoss was simply nodding her head as if she is enjoying a Nigerian Music.

TBoss Cannot Recite National Anthem

After that the house mate asked TBoss to recite the National Pledge which is very simple and easy but to everyone’s greatest surprise she could not recite more than the third line of the pledge which made everyone so surprised at TBoss.
Debbie Rise and TBoss now having a serious quarrel in the house because it was Debbie Rise that suggested TBoss to sing the National Anthem. Debbie Rise finally told TBoss that she cannot sing the National Anthem on International TV.
TBoss is now very upset because she believes she has messed up and people may not vote for her in the final round of the Big Brother Reality game show. 

Tokumbo known as Tboss said Debbie Rise did that on purpose, and that she was not even suppose to be able to sing or recite the national anthem well because she moved to Romania where she learnt a different language all together saying there was no way she could merge both national anthem together.  

Marvis on the other hand is happy because she feels this singular act can deny her the grand price saying Tboss can’t sing the national anthem on national television what a disgrace

Right now Bisola trying to talk to Tboss not to shift any blame to any body as it was only a game of unveiling the truth from the housemate in the Big Brother house held in one of the African nation South Africa


Tboss Cries Not able To Sing/Recite National Anthem in Big Brother Nigeria TV Show

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