The West African Power Pool (WAPP) is what i call The Big WAPP job. kindly read through to see recruitment details and 6 Positions made available – Extended.

The West African Power Pool is a cooperation of the national electricity companies in Western Africa under the auspecies of the Economic Community of West African States. This information was first gotten from Wikipedia

Furthermore, the West African Power Pool (WAPP), is to, among others, develop a sustainable regional electricity supply system in order to promote the economic growth of the ECOWAS sub region. To achieve this objective, there is the need for WAPP to establish a regional electricity market in West Africa through the appropriate development and implementation of key infrastructure so that all ECOWAS member states re given access to economic energy resources.

The Big WAPP Job Is Recruiting See Positions Here:

First and Foremost, Senior Technical Project Coordinator

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist 

Senior Procurement Specialist

Also, Senior Social Safeguards Specialist

Senior Financial Specialist

Lastly, Senior Environmental and Health and Safety Specialist

Above all, all those interested in this job must apply on or before 17 September 2018. For more details on how to make this application please follow the link  :-D. Click Here To View Details.