The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule/npower Exam Date | Npower Exam Portal

Npower exam portal helloooo!!! Fresh Update on NPower Test Assessment Timetable 2020 | Scheduled Date & All Screening Info. The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule/npower Exam Date. Applicants should first and foremost go to portal now for 2020/2021 N-Power Volunteer Programme Screening Test Calendar.

The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule/npower Exam Date | Npower Exam Portal

You are also advised to promptly visit this portal now to Log in to your N-Power Application dashboard to see the date for your own test assessment.

The moment N-Power application ends online the next phase will be the Screening Test Examination phase, which will be computer based.

It will includes; Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge and other questions testing basic knowledge of English.

NOTE: The questions will depend on the VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME you applied for.

How do i Write N-Power Assessment Test?

It is very simple! to write N-Power Test Assessment.

For example Once you receive an SMS or a notification, either in your phone or in your N-Power Dashboard stating the date and link you’re to-go-to. To start your online test assessment for NPOWER VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME. Kindly follow the order and begin your assessment test for NPower.

However, for more clarifications, to write your N-Power test Assessment, follow the steps below:

  1. Step#1: Visit your N-Power Dashboard or Check your Mobile Phone for an SMS from N-Power asking you to write the Assessment Test;
  2. Step#2: Then, Go on, to the website:
  3. Step#3: Move to the Test Menu icon and click on it;
  4. Step#4. Log in to the portal with your phone number and BVN Number;
  5. Step#5: Finally, Start your Assessment Test.

NOTE: Once you’ve started your test, immediately, your time starts counting. and Assessment Test last for only 30 minutes (thirty minutes).

Is N-Power Batch C Test Assessment Timetable Out?

Read down to get more details on the above questions.

Note: Only applicants whose BVN records match their applications will be shortlisted and further proceed to write the assessment test.

Also the Assessment Test will be written at as a matter of fact once you receive your text message or notification, proceed to N-Power website and click on the ‘Test Menu’. Login with your Phone Number and BVN and begin the computer assessment test.

When is N-Power Computers Based Test Assessment Starting/Scheduled?

Supposedly, the N-Power application portal may close on 27th of July, 2020. And the shortlist of candidates will begin from the next day being 28th of July, 2020 hopefully.

NPower Recruitment Update

Presently, N-Power Batch C Recruitment is still Ongoing at Meanwhile, if you have applied kindly click to download N-Power-cbt-past-questions-and-answers.

Readers needs more information’s regarding

How can i be Successful in Npower Recruitment?

To be among the successful candidates in N-Power recruitment you’ll have to finish the eight (8) N-Power Selection process schedule by the 2020 N-Power Board. Which includes:

  • Application (your online application)
  • BVN Validation
  • Test
  • Device selection
  • Pre-selection
  • Physical Verification
  • Selection
  • Deployment
  • List of Other Programmes Related to N-POWER
  • NPower CBT Past Questions and Answers
  • portal 2020 Application | Begins Now
  • NPower-Shortlisted-Candidates

The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule/npower Exam Date | Npower Exam Portal

The N-Power Online Tests can be taken using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer provided that these devices have an internet connection.

The New N-Power Test Assessment Schedule

  1. July 15th N-Power Tax
  2. July 16th. N-Power Tax
  3. July 17th. N-Power Tax
  4. July 18th. N-Power Tax
  5. July 19th. N-Power Tax
  6. July 20th. N-Power Health
  7. July 21st. N-Power Health
  8. July 22nd. N-Power Health
  9. July 23rd. N-Power Health
  10. July 24th. N-Power Health
  11. July 25th. N-Power Agro
  12. July 26th. N-Power Agro
  13. July 27th. N-Power Agro
  14. July 28th. N-Power Agro
  15. July 29th. N-Power Agro
  16. July 30th. N-Power Agro
  17. July 31st. N-Power Agro
  18. August 1st. N-Power Agro
  19. August 2nd. N-Power Teach
  20. August 3rd. N-Power Teach
  21. August 4th. N-Power Teach
  22. August 5th. N-Power Teach
  23. August 6th. N-Power Teach
  24. August 7th. N-Power Teach
  25. August 8th. N-Power Teach
  26. August 9th. N-Power Teach
  27. August 10th. N-Power Teach
  28. August 11th. N-Power Teach
  29. August 12th. N-Power Teach
  30. August 13th. N-Power Teach
  31. August 14th. N-Power Teach
  32. August 15th. N-Power Teach
  33. August 16th. N-Power Teach
  34. August 17th-31st result
  35. July 15th -27 applications.