Tips On How to start a fish
farm business

Fish is a major source of protein which is also rich in
omega3 fatty acid and also low in cholesterol, fish farming involves the
cultivation of fish in an enclosure or tanks for harvesting as food or
commercial purposes

Tips On Fish Farming 1

Factors to Consider
When Starting a fish Farm

Land space:

Any location is good for fish farming because it
doesn’t cause any environmental hazard; look for any land you can get cheap.
The size of the land should depend on the amount of fish you want to farm half
plot of land is a good start for an Average fish farming, However you can go
for something bigger when you feel like expanding.

Construct your Pond:

In constructing your pond you need the
services of an expert pond construction engineer, because if you fail in this
stage it’s like the beginning of your failure, all plumbing work must be
properly done to ensure proper drainage or you go to another fish farm to get
the specification and construction requirement.

Dig a Borehole:

As we all know water is the major source of
life to fish therefore lack of water in fish pond will result to disaster
reasons are water in fish pond needs to be change regularly, borehole and river
water is the most suitable while rain water which are chemically treated are
not recommended because fishes need clean water to grow well.

Over Head Tank: 

This is a water reservoir in which water is
supplied into the fish pond this tank has to be connected to your pond through
the plumbing system to make it convenient for water to flow into your pond.

Juvenile Fish:

You can get your juvenile fish from another
fish farm that is reliable that specializes in supplying juveniles you need to
go for a high yield specie of cat fish or Tilapia and it must be from a healthy
fish farmer.

Get training: 

You can attach yourself to any fish farm you
can even ask them not to pay you just to get the training, note that the
training is not the kind you do for one day you need at least two months
training to start on your own and also make sure you attend seminars, remember
that your investment is at stake trial and error is not good for business
except you have money to waste.


After growing your fishes to table size the next thing
that comes to mind is who to sell your fishes to; places to market your product
are restaurants, hotels and Bars, individual residence etc you can also display
you product on social networks

 There Are Three Major species That Are
Marketable if In Nigeria

  • Cat Fish
  • Tilapia
  • Mackerel(Titus)

Cat Fish: 

Even though cat fish is not the most popular fish
in Nigeria it’s still by far the most cultivated specie in Nigeria, it is very
easy to cultivate so I advice you flow to this direction and so many people
enjoy it.
Tips On Fish Farming 2


This is the second known fish that is cultivated in
Nigeria in the Aquaculture industry, tilapia is fish species that is usually
found in fresh shallow water and very easy to cultivate and it reproduces
rapidly and grows very fast
Tips On Fish Farming 3

Mackerel (Titus): 

It is by far the most popular fish in Nigeria
but so sad it’s not farmed in Nigeria all Mackerel fish are caught in the wild
usually marine water, Hence fish farmers are looking for the possibility of
creating an artificial salty water similar to sea water where mackerel can only
survive, Time will tell if this blue sea fish can be cultivated artificially so
I advice you go for cat fish and Tilapia

Tips On Fish Farming 4