Have you been a victim of identity fraud? or heard of stories about someone who has been a victim of identity fraud, oooo I tell you it’s frustrating you will believe me if I say it is a very traumatic experience.

Therefore it is important that you guard yourself and the people related to you from such disaster.

Tips On How To Stay Safe While Travelling 1
Below are important tips written down for you to help in keeping identity safe while traveling.

Safty tips

  1. Always keep your cell phone protected with password.  
  2. Notify your bank of your travel itinerary.  
  3. I advise you make use of ATM located in banks environment. Always be observant, try as much as possible not to ask for any assistance.  
  4. Do not make any financial transactions with any public Wifi if possible avoid public WIFI when traveling reasons are : when using a public Wifi to make transactions Hackers could easily trace your bank/card details.  
  5. Completely trash your boarding pass properly because personal information is usually on the boarding pass.  
  6. Sign up for internet banking: it will enable you manage your in and outflow of cash from anywhere  
  7. Create a convenient platform in which you can reach your Account manager any time any day and if that’s not possible then Sign up for debit alerts on your bank accounts and monitor it regularly.
  8.  Do not respond to all kind of messages sent to you be calculative.  
  9. For more conveniences you can change your account password as often as you think is right for your feelings 
  10. Do not move around with your entire bank Cards restrict yourself to the very important ones