Top 5 Different Steps to Germany Visa In Nigeria

There are many ways on how to get a German Visa in Nigeria. Here are top 5 different steps to Germany Visa in Nigeria.

There are different types of German visa which are:

Top 5 Different Steps to Germany Visa In Nigeria

Top 5 Different Steps to Germany Visa In Nigeria

1. How and where can you start to apply from?

As a matter of fact,all visa applicants travelling to Germany should apply at the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Lagos.

Nevertheless applicant can also visit the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Abuja only for visas only for exceptional cases or in cases where they are Nigerian Government representatives.

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The Visa interview appointments at the Consulate General is booked online. Appointments for every individual intending to travel including minors, are booked separately.

2. Special applicants who do not need an appointment
  • Traveler who travel frequently at least 3 times within the past 24 months
  • For the sake of transit visas
  • Special cases like urgent medical treatment
  • Also applicants on official duty (“note verbale holders only)
  • Lastly experts participating in scientific / academic conferences (only if capacity of the visa section allows)
3. Germany Visa Interview Waiver

German embassy give special preferences to Individuals who have traveled at least 3 times in the last 2 years to the Schengen States with a Schengen visa or once with a one-year multiple entry visa issued by this Consulate General and who have affirmed a previous application at this Consulate General since 14.03.2013 mature for the Interview Waiver category. These persons should book an appointment, but do not need to submit their applications in person. They are also exempt from the interview.

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4. Germany Visa fee

Germany visa fees are not paid in Euro but paid in naira according to an exchange rate. The present fee for all visa categories is 60 Euros (about N13.000, depending on the exchange rate).

Special Announcement: Kids under within age of 6 are not included to pay any form of visa fee as long as the kid is  applying for a Schengen Visa, the visa fee for minors aged 6-12 is 35 Euros.

The fee for a long-term visa for children under the age of 18 is 30 Euros (about N6500,).

Husband and wife with minors of German nationals and parents of German minors are exempt from the visa fee for all visa categories. There might be a reduction / exemption from the general visa fee, however, these circumstances are checked by the visa officer during the submission of the application.

5. Special service Known As Courier Service. Return of passport and documents by courier service

This service permits acceptance of prepaid courier envelopes which are used to return passports and documents once application is done with all procedures. To use this option, go through this below:

  • firstly,this applies to the return of the documents, application still has to be made in person at the Consulate General in Lagos
  • the courier company is chosen by the applicant
  • the envelope MUST be prepaid
  • the applicant should notify the company to collect the envelope from the Consulate General in Lagos
  • the Consulate General does not take responsibility for the loss or delay in delivering any documents handled by the courier company
  • Lastly, the prepaid return envelope should be included in the documents at the time of application.