Top 5 Shopping Cities in Morocco

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On a sunny day, a middle-aged man decked in a free-flowing caftan sits on a mat in an open tetragon. He is playing a fipple flute to the delight of swirling snakes, all twisting and flapping their creepy heads before a waiting crowd. A group of tourists – most of them standing a few feet away – watch in awe.

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Top 5 Shopping Cities in Morocco 1
This is not the snake-infested Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica, but Marrakech, the most culturally vibrant city at the heart of Morocco. While the world stands in applause to the wonders of these snake charmers in Marrakech or Essaouira’s soothing calm, not much is said about Morocco’s unsung status as a shopaholic’s haven. And over the years, these shopping potentials have added in no small measure to Morocco’s status as a top rated tourist destination in African.
Wondering what to buy in Morocco and where to find those delectable items that would continue to remind you of your vacation? Here are our 5 major cities to relish the best of the nation’s shopping experience.
Just over three years ago, CNN named Tangier as one of the Top 10 African Cities worth going, and this was no fluke. In the past, this city commanded the same appeal of London and New York, particularly in the 1960s. And after years of neglect by successive administrations, the city is gradually reclaiming its iconic status as a global destination.
From its broad range of authentic keepsakes to fabrics, and vintage furniture that is reminiscent of Phillipinian fittings, you can spend an entire day shopping your choice mementos in this city.
The city of Marrakech not only sums up Morocco’s beauty as one of Africa’s most visited destinations, it also offers a myriad of shopping opportunities for the thousands of travelers who besiege this country annually.
The Old Medina is dotted with a maze of interlocking souks that offer incredible shopping opportunities that are difficult to resist. As you snake your way through its sprawling alleyways, there is just a single thought racing through your mind: buy this and that. Whatever you choose to do to that secret voice is up to you, but we can guarantee that it will surely be worth your every penny, especially if you enjoy bargain hunting.
Major shopping spots in Marrakech include the Babouche Souk, El-Attarine, Cherratine and Chouari. For best experience, we recommend that you opt for an all-inclusive Marrakech vacation package that not only offer these endless shopping opportunities, but also allows you indulge your senses in other major cities in Morocco. So, if you are wondering what to buy in Morocco and where best to find it, the city of Marrakech has all the answers.
By default, the coastal town of Asilah offers everything a tourist needs to feel the pulse of Morocco inside out – from superb beaches to gorgeous sceneries, budget hotels, yummy foods and culture. But its array of shopping opportunities are a feature not to be missed. Though small and easily navigable, Asilah houses the best of fabrics and a rich collection of imported items – ranging from carpets to jewelries, patisserie and household needs.
This beach town, located on the Northwest province of Morocco, offers excellent biking opportunities along its nicely cobbled streets. So, here is your perfect spot to hop on a bike while you comb the beautiful city for breath-taking sights and shopping arenas.
As opposed to the rowdiness of most shopping arcades in Morocco, most souks in Asilah are calmer and ordered, especially during its market day –Thursday. You can wander peacefully around the enchanting malls in this small town and still find almost everything you want.
This formal medieval city is a perfect blend of the old and new, the idyllic and all inspired by its photogenic skylines, serene coastlines and panoramic views that hold every photography buff spell-bound.
Its extensive alleyways bustle with markets that offer luxurious handmade items and quality merchandise. If bargaining is not your thing as a shopper, the city of Rabat is a friendlier place to shop as most merchants offer fixed prices that naturally take away the stress of haggling.
For many years, the city of Fez has continued to give Marrakech a run for the money in terms of beauty and charm. And beyond the imposing architecture and landmarks of this laid-back destination, Fez offers tourists an extraordinary shopping experience. Little wonder, tourists who storm this town for its many attractions often end up spending more of their stay generally browsing the medina for specialist products and great bargains.
In a distinct section of the souks, you will be treated to the sound of coppersmiths molding copper cauldrons and smell of dyed leather, fresh wood; all signaling your proximity to the tanneries. Plunge into the vibrant souks where you can find almost everything you so desire – from elegant pottery to jewelry, knitted cushion covers, shoes, lanterns, wood carvings, leather ware, brass work, carpets, scarves, and so on.
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