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COVID-19 has not only affected millions of lives but has also put a financial strain on most sectors of the economy. Furthermore, we are currently facing a dwindling global economy and high rates of unemployment.

Amidst all this chaos, Industries have adopted new strategies and are applying different marketing techniques to stay afloat. Most nations have closed their borders for an indefinite period, which has brought the travel to a complete halt. The epidemic continues to change the world’s situation by the day. Today, many departments have resumed working, albeit with a different set of rules. Several countries have also allowed traveling, but this time with more strict policies. The passengers need to adhere to safety rules to be able to fly and reach their desired destination.

Health experts cannot emphasize enough to follow the SOPs, Standard Operating Procedure, in day-to-day lives, but when it comes to traveling, following protocol becomes essential. Airports have changed their operating procedures and made it mandatory for passengers to maintain distance and wear masks and gloves. Besides, for our health, we must observe safety measures and abide by the new regulations.

Traveling may have resumed, but it does not mean that one can go back to their carefree routine while traveling. You need to make sure that you wash hands after regular intervals, sanitize your belongings, and wear gloves and masks while you are out and about. The hospitality industry has also adopted a new set of rules, and many resorts ensure measures keeping their guests’ health concerns on the top.

The following are a few resorts which are safe to book as they meet COVID-19 safety standards:

  1. Westgate Resort

Westgate resorts offer a variety of luxurious accommodation, such as suites, villas, and studios. The resort has maintained a reputation of providing the utmost comfort to its customers by keeping them in the lap of luxury. Their enormous pool and tantalizing cuisines, sophisticated spas, and fitness centers keep guests entertained during their stay.  The resort maintains a strict policy regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of guest’s rooms and common areas. That is the key reason why people prefer coming to this resort and feel at ease with Westgate’s clean hotel policies for their stay. Westgate has trained its courteous and hardworking crew. They put in their efforts to clean the resort with all-purpose antibacterial and regularly disinfect the whole surface and furniture.

  1. Vista Cay

Vista Cay resorts treat their customers as guests and their hospitable staff work tirelessly to make their guests’ stay memorable. They sanitize their surfaces with antibacterial and ensure that customers maintain distance in their vicinity—Vista Cay’s offer spacious suites, which have extensive amenities. Fitness centers with the latest equipment, spas with technology, private pools for kids, theatre room, and adult pool with a sidebar are some of Vista Cay’s offerings.

  1. Hyatt Regency

Safety first, well being always, is Hyatt Regency’s mantra. Hyatt Regency offers several activities to all age groups, including kids’ pool, indoor games, and restaurants. Also they known to be the best exploration place. They treat their customers with respect and leave no stone unturned to give them an unforgettable stay. Hyatt Regency has established its name globally, and they bring out various schemes to facilitate customers.

  1. Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas

Marriott Cypress Harbour Villas have updated their policies, and their staff makes sure that customers follow SOPs. Apart from other facilities, they provide sanitizers and masks to their customers. Their dining options have a range of delicious cuisines, and their fitness centers have the latest machines.

  1. Universal Cabana Bay

Universal’s Cabana Bay has opened a few of their hotels. The resorts have a massive range of entertaining activities for their guests, including theatres, pools with sparkling waters, indoor games, and entertainment. Their rooms have high-quality furniture and give a splendid view of tropical foliage.

  1. The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton inspires people with its unique, enthralling, and welcoming interiors. The staff greets customers with such warmth that they start feeling special guests. Their beach-side resorts have world-class amenities, where professionals pamper customers with spa treatments in the canopy of palm trees. The Ritz Carlton continues to treat their customers with royalty, but following all the precautionary measures.

  1. Avanti International Resort

Avanti Resorts has made a point that customers’ health and safety is of paramount importance for them. They facilitate customers to the best of their abilities. They have waived off the cancelation fee, owing to the pandemic. Avanti Resorts have humongous pools, and gymnasium and their dining options offer a variety of delicious cuisines.

  1. Legacy Lake Buena Vita Resort

Legacy Resorts offer a variety of accommodation and take pride in following the legacy of leaving a positive impression in their customers’ minds. Their hospitality is visible in the way their staff goes to unbelievable lengths to provide customers comfort and care. Legacy Lake Buena Resorts consists of massive pools, children’s play area, and sauna where their customers get exemplary service from staff following safety protocols.

  1. The Grove Resort

The resort takes a strict approach to counter the COVID-19 situation. The resort has a firm policy of screening of guests at the entry-level. No one is allowed without testing.  The water parks are open with more rigid safety rules. For the safety of their guests, they sanitize the cabanas twice a day.

10.Reunion Resort and Golf Club

Reunion Resort redefines luxury and offers a vast array of accommodation, which includes a single studio, family suites, and villas. Not only their staff ensures social distancing, but they also make sure that their customers adhere to the precautionary practices. Large lifts, magnificent interior, and spacious rooms make customers feel comfortable, for recreation. Reunion Resorts have a golf course, massive pools, tennis court, well-equipped fitness center, and spa.  Reunion Resorts have always kept their customers’ wellbeing as their primary concern, and they give their guests excellent service.


Various resorts and hotels have opened their doors, but people are hesitant to take a tour. Governments have issued guidelines for the hospitable industry and have made sure that there will be severe consequences on negligence. Resorts have trained their staff to ensure that they follow all SOPs. Many governments had administered lock-down and forced people to stay home-bound. Since now several countries are easing lock-down, people are looking forward to traveling once again. With most resorts now adhering to more strict cleanliness policies, its beneficial for travelers to book a resort easily.