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Here we have travel news and details that guides on Niger tourist Visa, how to go about it, but above all we advise that you always check this page for more update as travel policies always change. Presently all you read here is confirm-able as they are all current Please continue reading below.

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Niger requirement

Republic of Niger visa application form

Niger embassy

get Niger visa on arrival

Niger visa free countries

see Niger visa requirements for Indian

republic of Niger passport

Niger consulate

visa requirements for Niger citizens
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aNigerien visa application form. Upon order completion, please download, print and sign Niger visa application, prepared by our system under your account.


Original, signed United States of America passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.


Passport-type photographs: 3


Itinerary. A confirmed or reservation of the flight itinerary under the traveler’s name. Must show flights entering and exiting Niger.


Yellow Fever Vaccination. A copy of the International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) for yellow fever. To learn more about the yellow fever vaccination or to locate a vaccination clinic, please visit the CDC’s yellow fever resource page.


Bank statement. Copy of the applicant’s most recent monthly bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds ($700 per person). The statement must clearly show the applicant’s name as the account holder, the balances of the accounts, and the date of the statement.

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Niger tourist visa fees for citizens of United States of America

Type of visa Validity Niger visa help Processing Niger visa help Embassy fee Service fee Total cost

Double entry up to 1 year 10-12 business days 100.00 99.00 199.00

5-7 business days 140.00 139.00 279.00

Credit card

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