Israel Visa from Nigeria 2018 | Guidelines and Requirement

Travel to Isreal from Nigeria or you can say Israel Visa from Nigeria 2018… Traveling out of the country is one trending thing in Nigeria, as a matter of fact now in Nigeria people rate you basically from the number of people you have overseas.

This no doubt is in search of greener pasture, the country Nigeria is no more a place/country where one can easily go to school, graduate and be sure of getting a job in less than two/three years.

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Now the big question is re you interested in traveling to Israel for an official appointment, education, tourism or for other reasons?

This the right place for reliable information about the general requirement and guidelines for Israel visa application in Nigeria.

Israel Visa from Nigeria 2018


Tell Me More About The State Of Israel

The State of Israel is a country in the Middle East, with the Mediterranean Sea located to its southeast, and the Red Sea to its north. It is regarded by Jews, Christians and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land, and most of its religious sites are in Jerusalem. Its financial hub, Tel Aviv is Israel’s own Lagos, that is, its financial hub, known for Bahaus architecture and a bustling nightlife, and not its offical capital. Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, but that claim is not recognised internationally.

Types of Israel Visa.

As a visitor, you would need to identify the various types of visa categories that you may want to apply which suits your purpose of travel. These categories include:

  • Firstly Immigration visa
  • A/1 Temporary Resident visa
  • A/2 Student visa
  • A/3 Clergy visa
  • A/4 visa for spouses and children
  • B/1 Work visa
  • Lastly B/2 Visitor’s visa.

The travel visa which is also the B/2 visitor’s visa is the most popular used for those travelling to Israel for holiday break, tourism or travelling for the purpose of visiting family and friends. Which ever type of Israeli visa you chose, there are different requirements you should know before visiting the Israeli Embassy in Nigeria.


Below are the documents required for the Israel visa application and renewal;

  1. First and foremost a valid Passport
  2. Secondly a return ticket from Israel.
  3. Thirdly a completed and signed application form for Israel visa
  4. Two passport pictures (white background)
  5. Lastly payment of the fee.

Depending on the purpose of travel, there are other documents you would also need to take to the Embassy. For example, if you are traveling with your children (minor), you will need to take their birth certificate(s) along which must have been verified by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.


No doubt If it is for medical treatment or checkup, your doctor/medical report from a recognized hospital in Nigeria will also be submitted to support your signed Israel visa application. We advice that you speak with your medical consultant in this regard.

Normally, most people re often invited by family/friend to come over. In this case, you are to include your invitation letter with other important travel documents as stated above. It is expected that the invitation letter should contain the full name(s), occupation, date of birth, bank statement (if he or she is sponsoring the trip), address and residential status of the host residing in Israel.

Visa Application and Renewal.

As a matter of fact to apply for visa, you need the above requirements to apply for visa. You can visit the Israel embassy to download the visa application form which you need to fill and take along to the embassy along with other requirements.

For visa renewal, you will need to visit the embassy. It is quite important for you to take a valid passport with you that most be at least 6 months.

Furthermore for enquiry and visa application, please visit  plot 12, Mary Slessor Street, Off Udo Udoma Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja in Nigeria. You may as well call  +234 9 3143170-4, 6739552, 6739551 or FAX via +234 9 3143177.

Also you may also send in an email to or visit

Nevertheless as with other foreign countries, possessing other visa does not guarantee you be granted entry. Also, obtaining the wrong Israel visa type would hamper your chances of entering the country. If you are in doubt or have any question, please contact the embassy via the mail as seen above.

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