Troubleshooting Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4 – Complete Guide – This guide will take you through on how to Rectify Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4, Learn more by reading through intensively.

Are you encountering any of the following?

  1. my infinix hot 4 is not booting,
  2. infinix hot 4 system update,
  3. infinix hot 4 pro not starting,
  4. My infinix hot 4 pro not turning on,
  5. infinix hot 4 settings,
  6. infinix note 4 pro problems,
  7. I have infinix note 4 pro call problems,
  8. infinix note 4 charging problem.

Troubleshooting Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4 – Complete Guide

Troubleshooting Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4

Infinix smartphones mid last year started creating buzz in Nigerian mobile market over products like Infinix Hot 4, Infinix Hot 4 Pro, Infinix Note, Infinix Note Pro, Infinix Zero 4 and Infinix Zero 4 Plus. They are great brands of smartphones if you ask me.

But lately last year, I began to listen to complains and buggy issues with Infinix Hot 4 Pro X556. It is normal for bugs in smartphone functionality when it happens only to the operating system. But when you have issues with Infinix Wifi not working, fingerprint sensor not working and all that; it become a panic. Even calcare won’t fix except replacement.

Infinix Nougat Problems.

  • Memory not accessible via PC or USB cable
  • Constant Rebooting
  • Phone gets too hot
  • Wi-Fi takes longer to connect
  • Call volume is sometimes low and unclear
  • Battery drains too fast
  • Phone takes up to 4 hours to charge complete
  • when receiving calls or sending calls, my infinix hot 4 screen goes blank and all functions seizes
  • OTG not working
  • Permission problem keeps saying screen overlay is turned on
  • Hotspot not working when it’s switched on. If I attempt to set it up from settings, it crashes.
  • Bluetooth switches on itself when I restart the phone.
  • Camera Isn’t working
  • Camera quality has reduced
  • Mobile data not working
  • Automatic screen rotation not working properly
  • Apps not responding
  • Constant System UI crashes
  • Recent apps not clearing

To fix these Infinix Hot 4 pro problems, I have to categorize them according to similar fix method.

Fix Infinix Nougat 7 Problems, Hot 4 Pro X556 problems

Constant Rebooting

Firstly the moment your Infinix Hot 4 or its Pro reboots constantly, next thing to do is to update device firmware to its latest version.

Troubleshooting Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4 – Complete Guide

You may go to Settings and deactivate Sleep mode. Then clean

Screen Overlay is turned on

When permission keeps saying screen overlay is turned on; it is either that you have installed a battery saver, energy saver or screen filter. It is not basically a fault from Infinix.

If that is not the case, then follow this => Goto settings > Apps, tap on the settings icon and choose Draw over other apps. Now select recently installed apps one after the other and deselect the option to draw over other apps.

Internal Storage is not accessible via PC or USB cable

If your Infinix internal storage is not accessible via PC or USB cable, then it is either the driver is not correctly installed on your system or USB cable is charge only.

For the case of incorrectly installed driver, what you do is to update your ADB driver. You can do this either by installing PDANet, universal MTK driver or through Windows Device manager. Click here for PDANet or MTK universal driver. It is simple to install.

For Windows device manager, right click on This PC or My Computer as the may be and select Manage. On the dialog window, select Device Manager. Locate the USB driver marked unknown to find the correct match. You should know how to update Windows driver.

Battery drains too fast or takes longer to charge complete

If your battery drains too fast or takes longer to charge complete, it is either you change charger or discharge your battery manually. To discharge your battery, open the back cover. Remember that it is non-removable battery.

What you do now is to take off the clip holding the battery to the internal case. Leave it for about 2 minutes and put it back. Please, if you had no idea about this, meet a phone technician.

OTG does not work

if your OTG does not work, failed wifi and hotspot, Bluetooth not connecting or phone goes blank when making calls, phone crashes and tons of them – you simply update your firmware.

Camera Isn’t responding or Camera quality has reduced

If your Infinix Camera stops responding after update to Nougat, you can simply reset camera Setting to Default.

If it does not work, try to clear the Camera Cache. You can find this at Settings > Apps > ALL. 

For the case of Infinix Camera quality, it is either your build is yet to fix the camera quality issue. Always make sure to clear Cache as well as factory reset after updates. Try the above solution for camera not responding on this.

Mobile data not working

Simply reset Network settings. To do this, follow the below steps

  • Go to Settings
  • Backup & reset
  • Network settings reset
  • Tap Reset Settings

This will reset all your network settings including your saved wifi, wifi settings, bluetooth, data

Apps not Responding or System UI crashes or Apps has stopped unexpectedly

Firstly, clear

  1. Clear App preferences
  2. Clear entire App cache (Install Clean Master or Ccleaner)
  3. Remove Babel font, set font to Default
  4. If not work, Hard reset

Recent Apps not clearing

  1. Press and hold the recent apps button
  2. Tap on the lock key icon beside app to unlock
  3. Then clear apps

Firmware is an official manufacturers bugs fixes and new functionalities to particular devices. Connect to the internet and get updated.

Even if other method fail, update won’t let you down. Enjoy your Infinix Nougat Builds.

  • my infinix hot 4 is not booting,
  • infinix hot 4 system update,
  • infinix hot 4 pro not starting,
  • My infinix hot 4 pro not turning on,
  • infinix hot 4 settings,
  • infinix note 4 pro problems,
  • I have infinix note 4 pro call problems,
  • infinix note 4 charging problem

Hmmm Finally, we have come to the end of this guide Troubleshooting Infinix Nougat 7 Problems & Hot 4 – Complete Guide  We hope this guide was helpful? If yes please lets here your comments below.