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 Available types of Turkish Visas for Nigeria are:

  •  Turkish—–
  •  Holiday visa
  •  Business visit visa
  •  Transit visa (means stopping over Istanbul
    to take the next flight)
  •  Student visa
  •  Working Visa

Steps to take when  Applying for visa


Step 1 :
Before you begin the process of
Application please have a concrete reason for your visitation because most people end up being denied Visa why because they really don’t know or have a concrete reason why they want to visit turkey.
Step 2 :
While filling your application
form make sure there are no errors, please the form should be filled accurately,
also go through the form over and over again before you fix your passport
Step 3 :
Get the right size of photograph
to be uploaded.
 Step 4 :
Every proof should be presented
as a complete document else application will not be submitted.
Step 5 :
All Application must be submitted
at the VFS centre together with the application fees VFS Abuja is located at Lobito Crescent Wuse before Banex Plaza.
Step 6 :
Applications are tractable
Step 7 :
Come along with a Passport which
will be collected from the VFS centre.
Go through all security
regulation notices before you visit the Visa Application Centre.

Necessary materials or proof Required
are as follows:

  • Valid travel document e.g.
    passport, valid for three months.
  • One passport photograph right size.
  • Visa fee which is Non Refundable
  • completed error free visa application form
  • Backup/supporting documents required
  • Letter of invitation, travel itinerary, round/return trip
    ticket, confirmed hotel reservation.
  • Prospective Traveler applying from a foreign country has to
    submit a valid residence permit or any prove that shows they are legally residing
    in that country.
  • Individuals applying for a business visa requires an invitation
    letter from he or her business counterpart
Turkey Visa:Steps To Complete E-Visa 1

Well detailed steps to complete
the e-visa online application form:

Step 1 
log on to
Step 2 
Go to ‘Apply now’. Click
the country and the passport or identity card you are using. Fill/Type in what
is displayed or given. Then click on ‘Save and Continue’
Step 3 
Fill in your expected arrival
date. Some information will be made available for you like:duration of the
validity of your visa, time you can enter the country once or multiple times
during this period, how much you will be charged, and your payment method, now
click on ‘Save and Continue’either to continue or close your system.
Step 4 
Fill in your personal details.
Please all the field must be filled as they are compulsory. Click on the button
at the down side of the browser to continue.
Step 5 
The moment you are done
with stage 4,  it means that all data has
been accepted and you are ready to go. You can preview the information you have
provided in case you want to edit you can easily click on Edit to make changes,
‘Reverify’ to submit and continue.
Step 6 
At the end of the 5th
stage, your application has been accepted and submitted, and an email sent to
you for verification to confirm if you really applied. Check your email. If you
didn’t receive the mail in a minute, check your spam folder.
Click the approve button to
verify your email address.
Step 7 
Clicking the ‘verify
email button’ will bring the next page which is the payment page. Complete the important
information, and proceed by clicking ‘Make Payment’.
Step 8 
Once payment has been finalized
and done with, you will be alerted that your e-Visa has been sent to you. You
will receive an email sent to you with a directive to download. Please there
will be no need to wait for it, download the visa in pdf format directly from
that page. And Save it on your computer for printing out.
If you are going for business and
you need an invoice, download the visa, then press the invoice button.
Step 9 
Go to wherever you saved
the file in your folder and print please all documents and print out should
remain with you during your stay in the country. Good Luck!!

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