Due to complain from applicants in Nigeria applying for UK visa on the number of days it usually takes to process their UK visa. The United Kingdom has launched a Super Priority Visa service in Nigeria to allow Applicants process their applications within 24 hours.

UK Visa Guide: UK Launches 24-Hour Visa Service In Nigeria 1

This was published in its website, the aim of this service is to above all meet the needs of those requiring for urgent traveling service.
According to the British High Commission Mr Paul Arkwright who could not hold back his joy said he hailed the introduction of the Super Priority Visa service in Nigeria.
“I am happy to see the Super Priority Visa service being launched in Nigeria,”
“Though it’s coming with an extra cost but it’s programmed to give greater flexibility to our customers and underlines our strong commitment to improving the visa services we offer.
“We expect this new service to be particularly useful for business. We understand that business opportunities and urgent requirements can arise at very short notice.
“We recognise this and want to facilitate such travel to the UK with this new super-fast service.”

Address To British High Commission Abuja

British High Commission Abuja
19 Torrens Close, Mississippi, Maitama Abuja
Abuja Nigeria
Email PPAInformation.abuja@fco.gov.uk
Telephone +234 (9) 4622200
Fax +234(9) 4622263

Working Hours:

Monday        8AM–4PM
Tuesday        8AM–4PM
Wednesday   8AM–4PM
Thursday      8AM–4PM
  Friday           8AM–1PM

British Deputy High Commission Lagos

Consular, and Visa Sections
11 Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island
Lagos Nigeria
Email consular.lagos@fco.gov.uk
Telephone + 234 (1) 277 0780/0781/0782