United States Special Medical Visa | Medical Emergency Visa to USA

Getting a medical visa is not a day job, acquiring United State special medical visa entails complete medical documentation. As a matter of fact it demands great requirements, so far, applicant seeking for medical emergency visa to USA usually ask one or two question related to how do i get a us medical visa? what are the us medical visa interview questions, how can one get medical visa to USA from Nigeria, is it also known as medical treatment in USA for foreigners, how do i go about us visa application, what re the b1/b2 visa rules, medical emergency visa to USA.


To be eligible to enter the USA for medical treatment, applicants must satisfy the same requirements as applicants for tourist visas, which include social and economic ties to their home country. They must satisfy additional requirements.

For an applicant to assist a relative in the United States with a medical procedure such as a kidney donation, you must submit medical documentation from both the home country and the USA that you have been tested and certified as a suitable donor.

United States Special Medical Visa | Medical Emergency Visa to USA

United States Special Medical Visa | Medical Emergency Visa to USA

Below we have list of requirement expected from applicant who seeks medical treatment in the United States.

First and foremost applicant must present evidence from the suggested list below to show that they are eligible for a visa.

Nevertheless applicant should bear in mind that such evidence does not guarantee the issuance of a visa if the applicant is found to be otherwise ineligible.

Visa Documents to Become Eligible

  • firstly, It must be proven that the treatment you intend to get in the US is unavailable in the home country, and is a kind of condition hoped to be cured by medical facilities available in the US.A U.S. Embassy Panel Physician must determine whether the treatment is available in the home country or has to be done in the United States.
  • Secondly, a physician in your home country should write a letter stating the diagnosis of your condition and the necessary treatments.
  • A statement from the U.S. doctor or institution that shows they are accepting the patient for the intended medical treatment, an estimate of the total time and total cost of your treatment, and outpatient care if the applicant will not be able to return immediately to the home country. A letter from this facility may be sent to your doctor or to you.
  • Proof that you have been accepted for treatment at a licensed medical facility in the USA and you have an appointment.
  • And also documentation of how all the costs will be met. You must show that there is available and sufficient funds to pay for medical and living expenses during the period of treatment and convalescence in the United States.

    Such evidence/proof include:

    • An original bank statement detailing all deposits, withdrawals, and transfers of funds for the past one year.
    • Visitor medical insurance will not be granted for paying for this purpose. None of the visitor insurance plans will cover for this (both the ones bought in home country and those bought in the USA). Insurance is for future protection and it is not free money to pay all your medical bills.
    • A Form I-134 Affidavit of Support should be provided if the funds will be provided by a close relative in the USA, it must be provided with proof of income and assets claimed. Proof should include income tax records and bank statements showing transactions for the past one year. Affidavits from persons that are not close relatives are not accepted.

United States Special Medical Visa | Medical Emergency Visa to USA

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