Complete Visa Guide ON Applying For Malaysia Visa

Visa Guide: Malaysia Visa Application 1
Kuala-Lumpur City

Applying for Malaysia visa is quiet simple and easy only if you go through the right channel, yes I said so because over time I have seen people rushing down to Malaysian embassy in Abuja, who always complains that Malaysian Embassy in Lagos always like denying people visa.

Well one thing we Malaysia visa agents in Nigeria need to let you know is that getting Malaysian visa can only be done by you, your travel agent can only help you package your travel documents and make sure they are updated, put you through on what to say and what not to say when you appear in person, quiet number of people who go to Malaysia to hustle usually go with student visa reason being the only way you can get enough stay. Why they are usually denied visa? Now let’s look at it this way, What or how exactly do you think will be the responses of a business inclined person going for interview either in Malaysian embassy in Lagos or Malaysian embassy in Abuja? His or her responses might not flow exactly like someone going for studies because he or she is really not going for studies.

Other Things To Know Before Going To Malaysia are:

  • Malaysia is a multicultural country.
  • Malaysia is one of the most visited countries in Asia.
  • Kuala-Lumpur is the Capital city of Malaysia.
  • Dont get it twisted East Malaysia is different from West Malaysia.
  • Food is thirsty and cheap.
  • Malaysians are very friendly.
  • Malaysians are predominantly Muslims.
  • Their taxis are on the high side.
  • They have very bad and slow internet, except in Kuala-Lumpur.
  • Good shopping destination.

Nigeria to Malaysia how many hours?

Flight duration from Lagos to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia takes 14 hours. Abuja to Malaysia how many hours? Flight duration from Abuja to Malaysia takes 16hours however some airline could take 38 hours

How much is flight from Nigeria to Malaysia? 

Ranges from $500 to $1500 (153,000 to 460,000) this also depends on the airline and your departure airport usually Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos is cheaper but Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja is safer,Kano international Airport is also cheap.get your Malaysia ticket here

List of International Airlines that fly to Malaysia from Nigeria are 

  • Turkish Airline
  • Emirates
  • Air France
  • Ethyhad Airline
  • Ethiopian Airline
  • Egypt Air
  • Saudi Air from Kano
  • Lufthansa Airline
  • Qatar etc

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How to Apply for Malaysian Visa in Nigeria

Visa Guide: Malaysia Visa Application 2
Merdeka Square

Applying for Malaysia visa requires a valid Nigerian Passport which is valid for at least 30 days after your intended stay. If you are yet to acquire a Nigerian Passport please visit Nigeria immigration portal or visit the closest immigration office in your area.

Types of Malaysia Visa for Nigerians

Below are the three types of visas issued to Nigerians by the Malaysian government:

  • Transit Visa: this kind of visa is usually given to people who needs to pass through Malaysia Airports to their next destination

  • Single Entry Visa: A single entry visa is only valid for just an entry and it last for three months from the date visa is issued. Single entry visas are often given to those applying for social visits.

  • Multiple Entry Visa: this type of visa often last for one year though it has a clause and that is each entry must end before 30days,applicants who go for multiple entry are usually serious business men/women or government purposes.

Applicants for Multiple Entry Visa Must meet the following conditions:

  • He/she must have enough funds for their intended stay
  • Established Round ticket and photocopies
  • Multiple entry visa fees vary.

Applications for transit Visa must be done at a Malaysian embassy in Lagos or Malaysian embassy in Abuja..if you need assistance contact us

For those about to enter Malaysia for either vacation or retreat needs a Visa without Reference.

Below are documents required from you when applying for a visa without a reference:
  • 2passport-sized photographs of the person applying
  • Passport and two photocopies
  • Invitation letter, if required
  • 2printed Copies of your visa application form (IMM.47)
  • Evidence of established round ticket
  • Statements of account
  • Visa application fee is required
Please note that the duration for social visit maximum of 14 days no extension is allowed.

What is “A Visa with Reference” 

visa with reference simply means visas that are basically for those entering Malaysia for the sake of visiting either friends or relatives, for those who are coming in for employment reasons, for those coming into Malaysia as students, and for those who are fully working or dependents of Malaysian citizens. Reference Visas are mostly approved by the Malaysian Immigration department.

What kind of documents do I need to present when applying for a visa with reference?

  • 2Photocopies of your Passport
  • 2passport size photographs of the applicant applying
  • Approval letter from any of the Immigration Department
  • 2Photocopies of the visa application form (IMM.47)
  • Evidence of a established round ticket together with some photocopies
  • Visa application fee required

Please Note that visas with reference are issued to those visiting Malaysia for business reason. Such visit must have an alliance with a company in Malaysia that is to say the company the business man/woman is visiting must send a letter to back it up together with its sponsor. Business sponsor are to pay an upfront of RM 2000 per applicant to the Immigration Department (Malaysia).

How to Apply for a Malaysian Visa

Like I said before, applicants can apply for a Malaysian visa at Malaysia High Commission in Abuja (Maitama).the address is written below for the benefit of those who are not familiar with Abuja routing

Address: Number 4A, 

Plot 2232 B, Rio Negro Close, 

Off Yedseram Street,

Maitama, Ekuku Cl, Abuja 00234,

Nigeria Phone: +234 809 607 6094

Time is 8:30AM–4:30PM Mondays to Friday

you are also advised to come ready, applicants usually spends 45minutes to 4 hours at the embassy.

Be reminded that applicant must submit their application forms personally do not submit it through your Malaysian visa agent.

How long Does Processing of Malaysia Visa takes?

Visas in Malaysia Embassy are usually processed with 6 official working days from when applications are submitted.
Do You need a travel agent ?

Application Submission Time:

Submission time are from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Time: 9:30 Nigerian time to 12:30 Nigerian time

What Time Can Applicants Come Collection

Applicants can come for their visa collection from 4pm Nigerian time to 5pm Nigerian time collection days are Monday down to Friday 
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