Applying for a schengen visa for Germany can be very easy only if you have all their requirements. Karisas Travel has gathered all information you need regarding Schengen Visa for Germany, for the record all applicants are advised to submit all applications within 90 days of his/her scheduled departure date and we strongly recommend you apply in a reasonable time. Please be aware that you need to make sure all appointment date are at least 3 to 4 weeks prior to your scheduled departure date. Else you might be surprise at the outcome of your submission which may in turn cause delay in your trip.

Visa Guide: Read How to Apply for a Schengen Visa for Germany 1
You may only submit your application for a Schengen Visa at one of the specified offices close to you, if Germany is your main destination considering length and purpose of your intended stay. Should you have any questions regarding this requirement, please contact us.

6 Steps to Guide you in your Application

Step 1:
Appointment Booking

First of all you need to book an appointment at the visa application centre where you will submit your application and complete your biometric information. We recommend you book your appointment using our online portal which you can access by following the link below. If you have no access to the Internet you can also schedule an appointment via post or via our call centre.
Please click on the appropriate link below for your preferred method of booking your appointment.

Step 2:

As soon as your appointment has been successfully scheduled, you will receive a provisional appointment confirmation via e-mail which will include the payment information.
After that you are expected to send us the proof of payment before your appointment will be confirmed.
  • Visa Fees for Adults: EUR 60 (NGN20040)
  • Visa Fees for Minors: EUR 35 (NGN11690)
  • Application Service Fees Visalink: NGN 8740 per application
convert to you own currency to know your fee.

Step 3:
Organize your application

Applicant who must have successfully gone through the first and second step will be sent a confirmation email which also comes with your application form and further information regarding the documents which need to be submitted.
For applicants who need assistance in filling up their form can contact us

Step 4:
Submit your application

In step 4 all applicant who have duly completed their application process, will be required to visit the visa application centre. Please you are advised to be at the submission centre 20 minute before your allocated appointment time this is to ensure that they can process your application as smoothly as possible. It is also important to note that in the event of your late arrival you will need to reschedule another appointment.

Step 5:
Track your application

Successful applicant can easily track their application progress by clicking on the link below: Track your application

Step 6:
Return of your passport

Once a decision has been made with regards to your Schengen visa application you will receive an email and additionally a SMS (text message) to inform you when your documents and passport will be ready for collection.
Your documents and passport will need to be collected at the visa application centre where you made your application, your receipt must be presented. For your convenience and to save another visit to the visa application centre you may also select the courier service option for the return of your documents and passport.
As a final option you may also nominate a person to collect your documents on your behalf. They will need to present an authorisation letter signed by you, your receipt and proof of their identity.
If you are collecting a visa, you should check, before leaving the visa application centre, that it:

  • contains your correct personal details
  • correctly states the purpose for which you want to travel
  • is valid for the date when you want to travel

Note: If you are a Nigerian Please send a completed formal appointment request letter and a copy of the applicant’s passport data page to German Embassy in order to make an appointment first.

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