Visitors traveling
to Seychelles:

Seychelles is a visa free country, which means you need no
visa requirement to travel to Seychelles. However, visas are not required prior
entering Seychelles for any nationals, nonetheless it’s expected that you
should have the following in your possession: A valid passport and relevant
travel documents recognized by Seychelles to be awarded entry into the country.

A stay visitor’s permit is usually issued on arrival in
Seychelles to a person who: came for holiday, business visit and family visit. Only
when you must have met the following conditions :

  • Must not be a
    prohibited immigrant
  • He or She must
    have valid permit which entitles that holder to reside in     Seychelles;
  • Prove of a return
    ticket for duration of the visit;
  • Must have prove of confirmed
    accommodation and has sufficient funds for the duration of stay (minimum of US0 or equivalent per day).

Visitors Traveling To Seychelles 1

Studying for Foreign Nationals in Seychelles

A Student’s Permit is issued to an individual who is to
pursue studies in Seychelles and who can show proof that he/she

Would be enrolled as a student in an approved educational

Has sufficient funds to meet up the expenses that he/she would
incur while residing in Seychelles.

A processing fee of Sr. 1,000/‐ is payable on submission of
the application.

The fee for the permit is Sr. 1,500/‐ which is valid for the
duration of the academic studies.

A Students permit does not allow its holder to work in

For more information and relevant documentation regarding
immigration issues please contact: Karisas Travel

Materials Needed to Apply for a Seychelles Visa

•   A valid passport

•   prove of Return
flight ticket

•   Proof of
accommodation; including contact details

•   Proof of enough
funds for duration of the visit