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This app major responsibility is to Reproduce audio and video files. Remix that song of yours to suit your days program using this 100% free mixing tool.

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Basic Features Of Virtual DJ

  • Capable of presenting users with virtual turntables to loop and scratch and loop those tracks of your,
  • Transiting from one track to another,
  • Pick up your favorite track and rock your world with this great program.
  • The features of Virtual DJ are all-in-one DJ tool.
  • Furthermore, App built for easy usage.
  • Has features like CD burning, CD to MP3 encoder, Pitch control, ability to record to MP3 and much more.
  • Audio – video player of VirtualDJ mostly it’s karaoke features which activated by mere drag and drop of songs or video on the desk and get a perfect party blast.
  • Virtual DJ is a free app that you can download for your personal or commercial use.
  • Virtual DJ allows users to stream music and from internet radio and get them remixed from your laptop.
  • Similarly, every tool you expert from a modern DJ, VirtualDJ got all of it.
  • Lastly, download and start using so you can become that perfect DJ you have always wanted to be. Download Latest Version Virtual DJ

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