What Happens to My Travel Health Insurance Covid19/CoronVirus?

Welcome to Karisas Travel where we give complete updates on issues relating to travel, health, and many more. Over the week we have received so many mails on questions regarding travel health insurance, symptoms of covid 19 or corono vairus as we all know it. This article will focus on this particular question from one of our readers in Italy. Her questions is:

Hi Karisas thanks for everything you have done to me and my family in ensuring that our trip to Italy was successful, meanwhile my whole family are in a serious dilemma right now and that is due to the global Pandemic ravaging the world, as you should know Italy is the most hit right now, and there are no means of returning as every where has been locked down and a compulsory seat at home enacted, which brings me to my question which is : Will our Travel Health Insurance Cover us for Coronavirus?

International Updates On CoronaVirus Covid-19

What Happens to My Travel Health Insurance Covid19/CoronVirus?

What Happens to My Travel Health Insurance Covid19/CoronVirus?

What Happens to My Travel Health Insurance Covid19/CoronVirus?

The major thing you need to understand more is that whether your travel health insurance will cover you for coronavirus all boils down on 2 factors:


  1. where you are traveling
  2. When did you purchased the plan.

As you may know, travel insurance plans are divided into:

  1. health insurance
  2. trip insurance.
  • First and foremost, travel health insurance provides coverage for any accidents or sudden illness that happens while you are abroad. It will cover things such as doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency services (ambulance), and prescription drugs.
  • Secondly trip insurance includes coverage for other travel-related problems. that is: prepaid expenses such as flights or hotels or expenses related to lost luggage may be fully or partially reimbursed. Depending on the plan, you may also be covered if you cancel your trip.

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Is It Possible for travel insurance to cover traveler if he/she get sick with Covid19/coronavirus?

The answer to this question is a Big yes but only If you are in a foreign country and you become infected with the coronavirus, your travel health insurance plan could cover you only  if you arrived in the country before there was a coronavirus outbreak. Another reason why this is a big Yes is due to the fact that there was a lock down and all borders closed down.

But please Note that If travel advisories have issued warnings against traveling to a certain country (such as Italy or Iran), and you travel there anyway, if you get sick with COVID-19, your travel health insurance will not cover any of your medical expenses related to the disease.

Your travel health insurance company will also not cover your medical treatment and expenses if you travel from a country with a high number of coronavirus cases.

Is It Possible for travel insurance to cover Us if We cancel trip due to coronavirus?

At the moment, travel insurance companies do not cover coronavirus as a reason for canceling the trip. The only way your travel insurance company would cover trip cancellation due to coronavirus fears or because there was a coronavirus outbreak in said country is if you purchase a “Cancel For Any Reason Plan”.

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International Updates On CoronaVirus Covid-19

As the name implies, this plan will cover lost expenses due to trip cancellation whatever the reason is, including a coronavirus outbreak. If you don’t have this type of insurance, then if you cancel your trip because you are scared of the coronavirus, you will have lost any prepaid expenses you have made.

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