What Papers Do I Need For a Passport?

What Are My Requirements?

As United State Of America citizen, undergoing the process of acquiring a United States passport is pretty an easy process that many U.S. citizens have to go in the course of planning to travel out of the country.

First we can only advise you make all arrangement ahead of the targeted trip: Reasons are that the process might take couple of weeks to get your application approved before receiving your passport. One of the basic requirements for acquiring a United States passport consist of providing definite documents and contacting a Passport Agency.

U.S Passport Application Form

Passport application form can be obtained from any passport agency close to your area. If there are other enquiries you need then Call (877) 4US-APPT time to call is from Monday8:am through Friday 10 p.m. EST to locate the closest one to you. Or, you can go online and print the form (see Resources). 

What Papers Do I Need For a Passport? 1

Be aware that in the form you will be asked for your Social Security number, personal information about you and your parents and reliable contact information.
Proof of Citizenship
It is expected that all measures will be taken in proving that you are a citizen of the United State. The only people who may apply for and receive an official U.S. passport are U.S. citizens. Accepted “proof of citizenship” documents include an expired, intact U.S. passport, birth certificate or naturalization certificate/certificate of citizenship.
A document of identification will be required from you. Reason is that, submission of identification can only be one of the accepted evidence that you are the person you claim you are. Permitted documents for identification purposes include a valid driver’s license, government or military ID card/tag, an expired, intact passport or naturalization certificate. Note that although some of these documents are the same as those allowed for proof of citizenship, you must bring in two separate documents (one for each purpose).
Passport Photos
It’s expected that you provide a passport photos which has been taken within the last 6 months. These photos may be taken and purchased at your local pharmacy/convenience store, superstore or photo store. Passport photos are required to be 2-by-2 inches, in full color, neutral in background and recent. Some passport application centers offer this service as well.
Apply in person
All applicants are expected to apply for their U.S passport in person. For further enquiry please call 1-877-4-USA-PPT) with all your prepared documents and U.S. passport application processing fee, which varies. Once your application has been submitted, expect to receive your completed passport in the mail within six weeks.

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