Why is MMM Saying Mavros Are Not Available For Withdrawal ?

Why is MMM Saying Mavros Are Not Available For Withdrawal ?

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Most MMM participants are beginning to have heart attacks because most of the Participants are still unable to get request or create request more than 96 hours after the Almighty MMM scheme resurfaced.
Why is MMM Saying Mavros Are Not Available For Withdrawal ?
From my own investigation I noticed that some of my friend who are also participants in MMM have requested for help and have so far gotten back their investments while majority of them are either yet to be merged or will pop out an information either telling you that you cannot GH now or that GH amount exceeds allowed daily maximum or mavros are not available for withdrawal, as most investors believe their Mavro is still frozen the same way it was last year December.
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It has been reports that Kolade Ogunwande, who PH in N100,000 in Nov 2016, and referred two different friends to the scheme, claims his mavros had appreciated to N214,000 as of Friday, so he immediately requested to GH.
“They have not paid me shishi, but we were told to wait patiently to be matched with participants willing to invest in MMM. I am left with no choice than to be hopeful,” he said.
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MMM participant Lara Makanjuola, who also invested N100,000 in the scheme, claims she is expecting N186,000, but is yet to be successful in requesting for her claims. She said anytime she requested to GH, the website will pop up one thing or the other same goes with the stories of King, Blessing, Martins, Gift, etc.
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“An Abuja based couple who Provided help with 2million said she already requested to get help two days before MMM frozen all participants account, but the unfortunate thing was that the person she was merged to could not meet up before the account was frozen in December; they have also not been able to Get Help since its return.

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