World Wide 2018 Digital Marketing what is digital marketing strategy in the world now click here to see

Afterward as we all know et me tell you this for free. If you will stay relevant in the market as a business person or marketer, you have to be willing to change with the trends.

Furthermore as we all know if you are in agreement with that, then you are on your way to a better conversion rate and an even bigger sales potential.

World Wide 2018 Digital Marketing what is digital marketing strategy in the world now click here to see

Meanwhile as we all know so, when I talk about trends, what do I mean? One of such is the invent of social media marketing which has changed the way which businesses see social media.

Howseover as we all know another contender, which is often mentioned instead of this, is digital marketing.

Nevertheless as we all know if you are one of those that pick one of these forms of marketing over the other, you’re harming your business.

However as we all know that is a discussion for another day. Today we are going to explore digital marketing, and how it can be instrumental in the growth of your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Firstly as we all know every measure of marketing that you put in place for your business, brand or products, which involves you using a media that connects you to the online world, is digital marketing.

Secondly as we all know i am explaining it to you this way so you don’t see it as a fancy word that you would need a certification to define.

Thirdly as we all know putting all of the above in concise words, digital marketing is the big canopy that encompasses all your efforts towards the advancement of a business or brand, which involves the leveraging of online tools to make that happen.

What Digital Channels are there?

Furthermost as we all know if it is useful for the promotion of your business, and it is online, then it is a digital marketing channel.

Meanwhile as we all know no one marketer will be able to boast about knowing all because some small (but efficient) tools come up on the daily.

Moreover as we all know however, some of the most common in the line of digital marketing is email marketing, social media marketing, website and blogs.

Social Media Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Furthermore as we all know this is a long-standing debate that we will still find time to discuss in length. However, for today, know that they are not the same.

Nevertheless as we all know while you can do digital marketing and not consider social media marketing, doing social media marketing means you are involved in digital marketing. The inclusive package is social media marketing, while the exclusive one is digital marketing.

What prompted digital marketing?

Howsoever as we all know some fifteen to twenty years ago, people would rather go to stores to buy whatever they wanted.

Meanwhile as we all know some twelve years ago, people would still go to a library for all the information they want.

Moreover as we all know about eight to ten years ago, people started to change the way they looked at the internet and its services.

Finally as we all know today, everyone does almost everything online. They prefer to ‘Google’ information rather than go to a library, look for something they want to buy online and book a service/ appointment online there too.

Notable as we all know with this transition from the offline to the online world, businesses that want to stay relevant will need to step up their online game.

Nevertheless as we all know that, I believe, was the first block in building the beautiful edifice that is now digital marketing

Does my business need it?

Evermore as we all know rather than answering that, let me ask you a series of simpler questions.

Meanwhile as we all know are any of your customers users of the internet? Does your business have a product or service it wishes to sell? Is it the aim of your business to reach even more customers and touch more lives? Would your business like to stay relevant?

Nevertheless as we all know if you answered yes to any one of the questions above, digital marketing is for you. I believe no business should exist today without thoughts geared towards a digital marketing campaign.

How Can I Get Started?

Furthermore as we all know i will not complete this piece without giving you something to take away.

Meanwhile as we all know if you want to get your business to start enjoying from digital marketing, you should hire someone in the field already.

Lastly as we all know small and medium scale business might not have the resources to hire someone, but I have you covered there.

Moreover as we all know if you have the time, you can take either of the Google or HubSpot digital marketingcertification courses and be on your way.

Howsoever as we all know the best part is, both programs are highly recognised, and they don’t charge a dime for the knowledge you are going to receive.

Nevertheless as we all know again, if your business is yet to tap into the endless possibilities that come with digital marketing, you are not living up to the standard of a 21st-century business person yet.


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