Finally Yahya Jammeh bows out: Fresh air returns to gambia.
After much consideration Yahya Jammeh finally bows to pressure
to quit office he has occupied for 22years, this came as a result of the
meeting held between Mauritanian president Mohammed Ould Abdel and Guinean
President Alpha Conde on Friday.

At the long run Yahya Jammeh began to understand that he was
no longer relevant to the people of Gambia and decided to leave the country for
good according to him
‘’I am a Muslim and would not like to shed any blood,
therefore I have decided to let peace rain because I also love my country “
Just as he was set to leave the country, Jammeh was faced
with a very big challenge.
What was that challenge? How to fly out.
After all enquires was made to lift out Jammeh with no reasonable
result, they resorted to one of  Nigerians
Party Stalwart Chief Bola Tinubu who is a party leader to All Progressives
Congress (APC). Who ordered that his private jet be used to fly him out to exile.
This in turn opened way for the newly elected president Adama
Barrow to fully take charge of the affairs of Gambians Government.
Recall that Adama Barrow was sworn in on Thursday last week
in Dakar the capital of Senegal.
In his reaction Tinubu said he only gave consent only
 “If and only if it
will smoothen the progress of the quick exit of Jammeh and lead to the return
of peace and democracy in The Gambia”.
They were later flown out of the country to Equatorial
Guinea together with his wife, mother and President Conte on board though
Senegal insisted on knowing those on board before allowing them passage through
it airspace.
Yahya Jammeh Runs For His Life 1

Before departing he used a small stage to entertain himself
by hearing hear ceremonial music sang by a military band and then walked through
the available red carpet, cheered by dignitaries.

The whole scenario became emotional when he took the first
step on the air craft kissed and waved a qur`an at those gathered.